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Thinking Out Loud
Part I
by: MicroMatrix14
Somewhere in Egypt

What are you trying to Say Donald Trump?

                    Hello Lunatic Fringe Society!  This article which I bring you today is just a message to people of anger and/or love.  Please call it what you want, see it as you will...
but it takes you through a wide range of emotions, feelings, & forever evolving principles...
                    It is an atrocity that we live in the 21st century; a society which should be growing through the expansion of unity by leaps and bounds, yet we still have things such as murder... rape... extremism... and people asking for bans against othesr due to religion, ethnicity, & even color...


                    It is also a developing atrocity when we still have people like Donald Trump, who live in the country which is filled with the iconic symbols such as the statue of liberty... the country that everyone sees as the land of dreams... the country of all kinds of different freedoms..
freedom of speech...  freedom of belief...   etc...
                    The question is this:
                    Does Trump think before he talks? or does he talk before analyzing the consequences and troubles that his words bring to the people of the nations he speaks against?
                    It is against the American Constitution!  You have to read:
                    "Amendment 1 -Freedom of Religion, Press, Expression" 
                                                                                                    -The American Constitution
                    You Donald Trump will cause America to lose her foreign relationships that have taken over 200 years to develop.  Do you think Trump knows that Islam is the 2nd largest religion after Christianity with a population of 1.57 billion people(2009)?
                    Are you Donald Trump ready to stand against 1.57 billion people?...
Now we must look at the Majority of Muslim Countries And the countries in the Minority.
                    The Majority of Muslim Countries include the whole Middle East Region & extend through Iran, Turkey, Malaysia, and pours into parts of Asia.  What about other types of relations & trade agreements with these countries?  What about all investments in the Gulf Regional Countries have contributed in the USA and to her development?  Are you ready to lose all these investments, and are you ready to stop importing the oil & petroleum based products from the Gulf Region?
What if Donald Trump?  What if you did?...
Have you figured out how you will raise the much needed welfare & security of your people?  Will you askt hem to run their cars on water or other alternatives to petroleum based products?  Will you make them pay extremely inflated prices for a much needed personal transportation based society that America has become so familiar with?  What type of government supplement will you pay them to be able to operate their own vehicles?
Are you ready Donald Trump?  to make the biggest oil exporter from the Middle East Countries to stop exporting oil from the region in U.S. Dollars?...
                   What about the  world's biggest integrated circuits manufacturer (Malaysia), are you ready to make the American people buy electronic devices at inflated prices due to the breach of trade agreements you would have caused by forcing their people out?  I think the things I have presented here are large enough of concerns for even children to rethink the agenda.  What about those countries which have a minority Muslim population?  This would include the rest of the world including the European Union.  What shall you tell your number 1 European Ally about preventing Englishmen, Frenchmen, or even women & children who have it's nationality, but you have banned them from coming into the USA based on their Muslim religion?  
Are you ready to lose your allies Donald Trump?
What about the American reputation of freedom that everyone talks about & references whenever they feel their own private security is threatened?  
You will provide the motivation to increase terrorist attacks...  not reduce them...   
                    It is better to think about how to stop supporting ISIS & extremists by not buying them munitions and not buying oil from them....


                    What about the people already inside and living in the United States as either Citizens or Resident Aliens?  If you would not allow them to leave the United States, what about their relatives & friends abroad?
 Are we becoming World War II Nazi Germany?  Are we on the verge of another holocaust?
Donald Trump, are you prepared to create hatred inside the United States Yourself?  You are doing a very good job at fanning the perverbial flame...
                    What about small children at school, who have friends one day, and their friends are gone the next?  Are you really deporting those friends?  


                    I am Egyptian who currently still lives in Egypt with dreams of living abroad in the great land of dreams...  I grew up in a Muslim Family; however, I have became an Atheist.  I still respect all Muslims, and all people of any religion for that matter...  I would never put anyone down for their beliefs.  To believe in anything gives you hope and I would never want to take hope away from anyone.  
                    My best friend or brother,  call him what you want...  I talk to him everyday...  We speak as though we live in the same country, street, even the same household, yet we are separated by thousands of miles.  We say good morning & good evening...  This friend of mine is American....  I know not all Americans think as you Mr. Trump.  
                    Trump, will you stop me because of my Arabian Descent & stop me from visiting my friend or even living there?
                    What will you tell him when you deny him to see his Egyptian Friend?  There are hundreds of people like me... What will you tell them?  After the Globalization in which we live in today, is this the future of America, which you talk about Trump?  
                    I can categorically say, I love America more than you love your own country, & I will challenge you on that Donald Trump...  Anytime...