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The Black Nobility:
A Breif History Lesson 1st
From a Brother: Wes Penre,

                    These ruthless individuals earned the title of "Black" Nobility from their ruthless lack of reluctance of mercy. They utilize tacts such as murder, rape, kidnapping, assassination, robbery, and all styles of deceit on an international scale, tolerating no opposition to attaining their objectives.  They are a part of the elite most notorious old families from Europe and still have money, control, & power...
                    The most powerful of the Black Nobility are located in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Britain, Holland and Greece in that order. Their roots can be traced back to the Venetian oligarchs, who are of Khazarian descent.  THey married into the royal families in the early part of the twelfth century.
                    Shortly after a great Khazarian victory over the forces of Islam, the future Roman Emperor, Constantine V, married a Khazarian  Princess and their son became Emperor Leo IV(Leo the Khazar.)  The Medecci popes, and Pius XII(Eugenio Pacelli) were also from the land of Khazar, as was Pope John Paul II.
                    Not all Black Nobility are a part of the royal families of Europa, and many of the royal families no longer have kingdoms.  According to Author/Researcher Dr. John Coleman, a "Committee of 300" was established early in the eighteenth century, even though it did not take on its current style  until around 1897, when the China opium trade was legalised.  Documentary  proof as to the existence of the Committee of 300 is nowhere to be found, and it may be no more than a convenient phrase to describe certain key players. Socialist politician and financial adviser to the Rothschilds, Walter Rathenau, writing in the Wiener Press (24 December, 1921) said, "Only 300 men, each of whom knows all others govern the fate of Europe. They select their successors from their own entourage. These men have the means in their hands of putting an end to the form of State which they find unreasonable." Exactly six months after publication, Rathenau was assassinated.
  Dr. John Coleman's work opened the door to further studies on key power players of the ruling elite, particularly in the United States of America.  Whereas the English have a long history and are very aware of their ancestry.  Certain families of "blue-bloods" in the United States that have historic ties with the British through blood and money.
                    These "noble" families are behind most if not all of the so-called climate change movements that are actually intended to stop the population growth of all nations.  Prince Philip and Prince Charles are the most well-known symbols of this movement, and are an integral part of this conspiracy to destroy industry and take the world back to the next Dark Age.
                   The crowned and uncrowned heads of these dynasties enjoy huge incomes from ground rents.  All favor Global 2000 Report to the President that's calculated to end all industrial progress, and by famine, disease and wars, eliminate the excess population industry supports.  All oppose nuclear power that can produce clean cheap electricity, the key to economic development and prosperity in the 3rd World. They ardently desire a return to the feudal system where they will once again be absolute rulers.
                    While claiming membership in Christianity, the oligarchical families, for the greater part, actually despise it in secret.  Masonry provides their religious fulfillment through the worship of Lucifer as the "light bearer"(giver of knowledge-as suggested in the garden of Eden).  Without faith, they have no belief in reward or punishment and a world to come.  They live for the here and now.  Many of these oligarchies are in the drug and arms trade through well-distanced intermediaries (like so many of the large banks).
                    In 1815 the Jesuits and their Freemason allies, among the crowned heads of Europe, held the Congress of Vienna whereby Swiss neutrality (already sanctioned by the Peace of Westphalia in 1648) was forever guaranteed; and no matter how many wars are provoked in which the common man has to do the fighting, the money of the Nobility in Switzerland should always be free from plunder.  It's part of the Rothschild's meticulous long-range planning, and why Switzerland exists to this day. But that doesn't mean to say your money would be safe. Some US$280 billion p.a. in flight capital and drug money flows into the Swiss accounts of the Black Nobility.
                    The official position of Freemasonry in the power structure of the Elites is quite evident as they carried through Adam Weishaupt's conspiracy to avenge the Jesuits after their exile in 1773 by Pope Clement XIV as "immoral and a menace to the Church and the Faith".  By initiating the French Revolution and directing Napoleon's conquest of Catholic Europe, and by revolts against the church in Mexico and Latin America, they cut-off Vatican income.
                    Nathan Rothschild's financing of Britain resulted in the defeat of Rome's enemy Napoleon, (as well as being the source of his wealth and influence).  Since Gregory XVI conferred a Papal decoration on Kalman Rothschild for loaning the Vatican five million pounds in a period of difficulty, the Rothschilds have been the fiscal agents of the Vatican.  With Vatican interests at heart, the Rothschilds extended their financial and political dominion into the United States of America.  The Vatican's interest in the USA was clearly revealed in the secret 1822 Treaty of Verona between Austria, France, Prussia, and Russia whereby the Jesuit Order pledged itself as the price of reinstatement to destroy "the works of Satan" it had established in setting-up, by revolution, representative governments such as the republics and "democracies" of France and the USA, replacing them with the only form of government approved by the church, rule by "divine right", as declared by the Vatican (Daniel 2:42-43; Revelation 17:12-13).
                    As Senator Robert Owen pointed out to the United States Senate in 1916, the official target to which the Vatican and the "Holy Alliance" directed the subversive and destructive activities of the Jesuit Order(Society of Jesus), is the United States, and other republics in the Western hemisphere.  This plot, he claimed, was the target at which the Monroe Doctrine was directed toward.  What the Senator did not realize is that the Monroe Doctrine protected the interests of "The City of London".  The Rothschild-Vatican cabal's failed in their attempt to gain control over the power of the United States Monetary System through the First and Second Bank of the United States. They were established under emergency powers granted to the President by the Constitution, as temporary institutions to tide the country through the periods of financial stress occasioned by the Revolutionary and 1812 Wars. But the aims of the conspirators to establish a banking cartel were thwarted by the Constitution. Until the enactment of the Federal Reserve System.
                    It is stated that the Black Nobility promised a neutral Germany if Soviet Russia allowed East and West Germany to reunite. And that Russia promised to see that all royal houses are restored to the rightful heirs if they decouple Europe from the American Alliance.
                    Imperial nobility enjoyed a more elevated status than the nobilities of the German successor states and indeed, of the Italian states.  The descendants of Italian Holy Roman Empire titles have formed an Association to which all male line descendants of someone ennobled by Imperial Patent is entitled to belong.  The Principality of Liechtenstein has also claimed the ability to confirm a succession to Imperial titles, and has confirmed the right of a Spanish noble man to heir such a title for purposes of the Spanish law requiring the successor state to confirm that the claimant to a particular title is in fact the heir. Thus there is a remaining jurisdiction, even though no Imperial titles have been conferred since 1806.
                    In 1963, the Holy Roman Empire Association (Associzioni dei Nobili del Sacro Romano Impero) was established to unite male descendants in its membership who are invested with nobility of the Holy Roman Empire. It also includes a number of honorary members.
                    The Black Nobility belong to the "Committee of 300" that controls the United Nations.  Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands has the power to veto the Vatican's choice of any pope it selects. This may explain the untimely end to Pope John Paul I's 33-day pontificate. The Prince has veto power because his family, the Habsburgs, are descended directly from the last Roman emperor. (The Habsburg Frederick III was the last emperor to be crowned in Rome; his great-grandson Charles V was the last to be crowned by a pope). This is the civil equivalent of the Pope's claimed "apostolic succession" from Saint Peter.
Prince Bernhard is leader of the Black Families and he also claims descent from the House of David through the Merovingian dynasty, a claim that was acknowledged to be valid by the Carolingian dynasty that supplanted them, by other monarchs and by the Roman Church of that time. Thus he can truly say that he is "related to Jesus".
                    Prince Bernhard's House of Orange's origins are in fact in France. The Habsburgs are related through marriage with the Merovingian Dynasty, who are said to have descended from the Tribe of Benjamin.   The Tribe of Benjamin went into exile following war with the other eleven Tribes -- see Judges chapter 21.  Exile lead them to Arcadia in the central Peloponnesian part of Greece.  From this introductory point, they aligned with the Arcadian royal line and towards the advent of the Christian era, migrated up the Danube and Rhine, through marriage engendering the Sicambrian Franks -- the immediate forebears of the Merovingians, who were ultimately of Semitic origin, and descendants of King Saul.
                     They are identified with the Spartans, and both of the books of Maccabees, in the Catholic Bible, link the Spartans with the Jews. I Maccabees 12 tells of Jonathan sending a letter to the Lacedemonians (Spartan Greeks) asking for their help, since they were brothers.  The Spartans replied, "It is found in writing, that the Lacedemonians and Jews are brethren and that they are of the stock of Abraham" (verse 21).  It is assumed by some writers that this means the Spartans were Israelites, but the Spartans were not Israelites they were Edomites descended from Bela son of Beor and brother of Baalim, and king of Edom (Genesis 36:32; I Chronicles 1:43). Edom was the son of Isaac and grandson of Abraham who sold his birthright, and bred his posterity off the Book of Life.
                    Early in the 5th century the Merovingians established themselves in what is now Belgium and northern France.  There they adopted the Cabalistic pseudo-Christianity of the Cathars, a dualistic religion that holds there are two eternal gods, the god of Good and the god of Evil.  It is revealing that this Luciferian belief is held by Masons of high degree and those who would be Masters of this world today, and who claim that Lucifer will ultimately be victorious.
                    Under Clovis I, who reigned from 481-511, the Franks converted to Roman Catholicism. Through him, Rome began to establish undisputed supremacy in Western Europe.  In return for being the sword of Rome through which the church would manifest her power and impose a spiritual dominion, Clovis was granted the title of "New Constantine" and to preside over a unified "Holy Roman Empire" based on the church and administered on the secular level in perpetuity by the Merovingian bloodline.  Like "the sure mercies of David", this was a pact that could be modified, but not revoked, broken or betrayed.
                They believe Jesus survived the cross and married Mary Magdalene who bore His son then lived in seclusion in the south of France. During the 5th century, this bloodline is said to have married within the royal line of the Franks uniting with the Merovingian dynasty.
                     In 496 the church aligned itself in perpetuity to the Merovingian bloodline.  The church was presumably in full knowledge of their claimed identity. This would explain why Clovis was offered the status of Holy Roman Emperor, and why he was not created but only "crowned" king. In 754 the church clandestinely betrayed its pact.
                    The Prieure de Sion is the name of the secret order which created the Knight Templars as its military and administrative arm. (It should be remembered that the Knight Templars were the forerunners of Freemasonry). The Prieure de Sion continues to function through the centuries, acting in the shadows, and has orchestrated certain critical events in Western history.  It exists today and is still operative. Its declared objective is the restoration of the Merovingian dynasty and bloodline -- to the throne not only of France, but of other European nations as well -- a restoration that is sanctioned and justifiable, both legally and morally.   There is strong evidence to suggest that this order was the author of Freemasonry, and "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Sion", as well as the Rosicrucians. There is abundant evidence to suggest that Nostradamus was one of their own, and there is no question that numerous quatrains which refer to the advent of "le Grand Monarch" indicate that this sovereign will ultimately derive from the Merovingian dynasty. Implying a double hegemony of the Papacy and the Empire, of the Vatican and of the Habsburgs. He frequently referred quite explicitly to the Knights Templars and to the house of Lorraine which is now synonymous with the Habsburgs.
                    Although deposed in the eighth century, the Merovingian bloodline did not become extinct. On the contrary it perpetuated itself in a direct line from Dagobert II and his son Sigisbert IV. By dint of dynastic alliances and intermarriages, this line came to include Godfroi de Bouillon, who captured Jerusalem in 1099, and various other noble and royal families, past and present -- Blanchefort, Gisors, Saint-Clair (Sinclair in England), Montesquieu, Montpezat, Poher, Luisignan, Plantard and Habsburg-Lorraine. At present, the Merovingian bloodline enjoys a legitimate claim to its heritage.  The crown of Charlemagne -- a replica of which is now part of the imperial Habsburg regalia -- is said to have borne the inscription "Rex Salomon" (Encyclopaedia Britannica, 14th Ed., 1972, Crown and Regalia, Fig. 2). And the "Spear of Destiny", which is said to have pierced Christ, reside today in the Treasure House, Vienna, awaiting another Holy Roman Emperor (The Rigby Joy of Knowledge Library. History and Culture I, 1977:160; The Holy Roman Empire, Friedrich Heer, p. 284). It is clear why the "Protocols of the Elders of Sion" speak of a new king "of the Holy seed of David", (Holy Blood and the Holy Grail, Baigent, Leigh and Lincoln). Otto von Habsburg is today the titular Duke of Lorraine and King of Jerusalem.
                    The Prieure de Sion claim to hold the lost treasure of the Temple of Jerusalem plundered by Titus in AD70 which would be returned to Israel "when the time was right".This might explain why Rome must defer to the "kings of the earth" and how she will seal a covenant with the Jews who have long hidden behind the shield of baptism.
                    Prince Bernhard is in fact related to the Khazars, and therefore a Gentile. Revelation 2:9, "I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but you are rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan."
                    Assisted by the CIA, Prince Bernhard has brought the hidden ruling body of the Illuminati into public knowledge as De Bilderberg Group. (Established in 1954, its headquarters is 1 Smidswater, Den Haag, Nederlands). At the heart of the Bilderberg Group are 39 members of the Illuminati chosen from three committees drawn from the members of all the secret groups that comprise the Illuminati: the Freemasons, the Vatican and the Black Nobility. This committee works year round in offices in Switzerland.
                      The Committee of 300 now call themselves World Government Founders for the NWO. A reference no doubt to their hereditary claim to the "Divine Right of Kings". It is imperative that we realize that privately, the Black Nobility refuse to ever recognize any government other than their own inherited and divine right to rule. They believe the United States still belongs to England. And work diligently behind the scenes to cause conditions whereby they might regain their crowns. Every royal and so-called noble dynasty past and present of Europe have seats on the Committee of 300, most often by nominees. There are just too many of these "royal" families for them each to have representatives on the Committee of 300. Precedence is determined by rank: first royal family members, then dukes, earls, marquises and lords, then finally "commoners", who usually get the title of "Sir". (Conspirator's Hierarchy: The Committee of 300", Dr. John Coleman). 

Families of the Black Nobility Today

Van Duyn

                    There is one thing that stands out as a person listens to the International Elite and reads their books. They believe money is adhesive, the "ether" if you will, of all things.  If you have money, you can do anything. Money is the essence of "God", and it is worshipped and served. Even after these families accumulate more than can be spent in 100 lifetimes, these devotees continue selling their souls for this false but powerful god. The great poet-philosopher Heinrich Heine who was a banker's son said, "Money is the god of our time, and the Rothschilds are it's prophet."  Following the instruction of the Rothschilds, Heinrich Heme, a Jew, signed his name by drawing a Seal of Solomon.  Mayer Amsel Rothschild stated, "Give me control of the country's currency, and I care not who makes her laws."  Today his descendents meet twice a day in London to dictate to the world what the world price of gold will be. They also dictate what the FED will do with America’s finances.
                    According to 1st hand knowledge, who were prominent enough to visit one of the British Rothschilds at their home, the Rothschilds worship another....  Lucifer, who according to Robert MorningSky is also known as Marduk or Horus. They set a place for Lucifer at their dining room table.  The Rothschilds have been Luciferians for many generations.  They are an important part of the history behind the Seal of Solomon also known as hexagram, Magen David, six-pointed star, Star of David. The Seal of Solomon which is a hexagram, was not considered a Jewish symbol before the Rothschilds began using it.  Throughout the Middle Ages the Seal of Solomon had been used by Arab Magicians... Cabalist Magicians... and even Druid witches and Satanists(Very important to know, Satanism is pornagraphy and different than Luciferianism)....  One of the earliest findings of the seal is on the floor of a 1,200 year old Islamic Mosque found where Tel Aviv is today.  In the twelfth century an Ashkenazi(Convert Jews from modern day Georgia), Jew Menahem ben Duji, who thought he was the Messiah, used the magical symbol.  Because the Rothschilds are Luciferians, they adopted this powerful magic symbol in 1822 in their coat of arms.
                    Their original name was Bauer, it was never Rothschild.  The name Rothschild actually derives from the fact that in the 17th century Mayer Amschel Bauer began hanging out a red hexagram in front of their house to identify it.  Mayer Amschel then decided to take the name red-schield (Rothschild in German) after the red Seal of Solomon that they used.  Alice Bailey in A Treatise On White Magic, p. 412, claims that the Hierarchy has a special group which she calls "the financial group" , "controlling all that can be converted into energy, and constituting a dictatorship over all modes of intercourse, commerce and exchange." According the Luciferian Alice Bailey, the "financial group" is the latest group directed by the Hierarchy. In 1836 Zevi Hirsch Kalischer approached Mayer Rothschild and proposed that Mayer buy all of Erez Israel.  It took many years for the Rothschilds to finally create the land of Rothschild, otherwise known as Israel. The Rothschilds have been a primary force behind the creation of Israel, and so it is appropriate that the nation carries their magical Seal of Solomon as the state logo.
                     The Ultra-orthodox Jews which reside in Israel refuse to serve in the Israeli Military because they know that the God of old was not behind the creation of modern day Israel, but rather the rich ungodly apostate Jews.  They are more wiser than men like Jerry Falwell who run around proclaiming Israel is God’s nation.  People like him are the type that you will find a reference to repeatedly in Jewish documents that talk of their power within the Fundamentalists. Who is ultimately in charge?  Who allowed Hitler to come to power? Who allowed Stalin to come to power?  Who allowed the Rothschilds to come to power?  - KEEP IN MIND-AT THE FALL OF MAN IN GENESIS WHICH IN MOST ALL RELIGIOUS TEXT, DOMINION OVER THE EARTH WAS GIVEN TO LUCIFER- In the same sense that God rules over and blessed Stalin’s Russia(GOD DID NOT BLESS STALINISTIC RUSSIA), he rules over America and Israel(DOMINION OF THE EARTH WAS GIVEN TO LUCIFER). To twist scriptures about God seating the rulers and then to apply them to bless one Luciferian secular communist nation and not another is inconsistent and not correctly using the Word of Truth.  Some people object that the conspiracy of Power is labelled Jewish rather than Luciferian by certain concerned citizens.
                    This objection is valid - however, will these objectors then take the obvious next step and admit the nation of Israel which the Rothschild’s created is Luciferian and not Jewish?  If you ask someone why he does something, you will get a different answer daily.  Does he do what he does for a real reason, or does he have an alterior motive?  Perhaps to label the Power as only Luciferian or only Jewish or only Masonic is to neglect the personal human dimension.  This personal human dimension is without a god. Being godless it fills that void, by pretending men are gods. This brings us right back to the Gnostic religions and Lucifer. Most Jewish people do not concern themselves with learning the occultic significance to their treasured Magen David (Star of David).  King David did not have anything to do with the hexagram, although his son Solomon did when he began worshipping Ashtoreth (star, also known as Astarte, Chiun, Kaiwan, Remphan, and Saturn).  Solomon built altars to Star (Astarte, aka Ashtoreth).
                    The god Saturn is associated with the Star but both Saturn and Astarte have also been identified with a number of other names. Saturn is an important key to understanding the long heritage that this conspiracy has back to antiquity. The city of Rome was originally known as Saturnia or City of Saturn. The Roman Catholic church retains much of the Saturn worship in its rituals and The Roman Empire is well alive within the Roman Catholic Church today.  Saturn also relates to Lucifer.  In various occult dictionaries Saturn is associated with evil. Saturn was important to the religion of Mithra, and also the Druids.
                    It has been said all roads lead to Rome.  For this study, it could
be said all paths of investigation lead to the house of Rothschild...
Charles T. Russell, in a 1891 letter to Baron (Lord) Rothschild, mailed
from Palestine, outlined possible acourse of action with contingencies
 that could be taken to place the Jews in Palestine.  Russell’s letters
praised the Rothschild’s money which established Jewish settlements in
Palestine.  Russell writes Rothschild,"What is needed here, therefore, next
to water and cleanliness, is a good government which will protect the poor
from the ravenous and the wealthy.  Banking institutions on sound bases,
and doing business honorably, are also greatly needed." Russell continues,
"May the God of Jacob direct you, my dear Sir, and all interested with you
in the deliverance and prosperity of Israel, and blessed will they be who,
to any extent, yield themselves as his servants in fulfilling his will as
predicted."  When the Mormon Church needed financing in the late
19th century, they went to Kuhn, Loeb Co. To explain the Rothschild’s
control of Kuhn, Loeb Co. here is some background information.
The method that the House of Rothschild used to gain influence, was the
same that Royalty had used for centuries... marriage. The Rothschild
children, both girls and boys, have had their spouses chosen on the basis of alliances which would benefit the family, but since consolidating their world power, they generally have married cousins these last two centuries.  Jacob Schiff grew up in the house that the Rothschild’s had at 148 Judengasse in Frankfurt, Germany. Jacob Schiff came to the United States with Rothschild money and took over control of a small jewish banking institution founded by 2 Cincinnati dry goods merchants Abraham Kuhn and Solomon Loeb. He even married Soloman’s daughter.  In 1885, Loeb retired, and Schiff ran the Kuhn, Loeb Co. for the Rothschilds until 1920 when he died.  During Russell’s and Brigham Young’s day, Lord Rothschild was considered the "lay leader of world Jewry."  Edmund Rothschild was President of the Jewish Colonization Association which was a major Zionist group.  Amselm Rothschild indicated that his grandfather Amschel Mayer Rothschild had insisted in Clause 15 of his will to his children, "may they and their descendants remain constantly true to their ancestral Jewish faith."  However, the will has been secret and there is no way of knowing what it truly says....
The Rothschilds have not remained true to the Orthodox faith however.  If this was actually what Clause 15 said then something is a-miss.  The Jewish world has showered the Rothschilds with praises such as, "The Rothschilds govern a Christian world.  Not a cabinet moves without their advice.  They stretch their hand, with equal ease, from Petersburg to Vienna, from Vienna to Paris, from Paris to London, from London to Washington.  Baron Rothschild, the head of the house, is the true king of Judah, the prince of the captivity, the Messiah so long looked for by this extraordinary people....The lion of the tribe of Judah, Baron Rothschild, possesses more real force than David--more wisdom than Solomon.  The Prieure de Sion-the Elders of Sion also relates to the Rothschilds who are reported to serve on a Jewish council of Elders of Sion.  The Rothschilds have "helped" the Jewish people the Rothschild’s own way.  For those who admire stinginess, the Rothschilds will be greatly looked up to.  For instance, the extent of James Rothschild’s charity in France to poor Jews was 5 francs (the equivalent of $1).  Their dynasty has destroyed honest Jews along with Christians. Today, few dare criticize the Rothschilds