For Where The Beginning Is, There Will The End Be.  Blessed Is He Who Shall Stand At The Beginning, and He Shall Know The End, and Shall Not Taste Death...
                                                                                                 Gospel of Thomas Saying 18
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The Major Religions of the World Today

Judaism: Founded By Abraham around 2000 B.C.     Presented the Torah by Moses around 1250 B.C.
Believing in only one God, Jews believe in the laws of God and the words of the prophets.  In Judaism however, actions are more important than beliefs.  Based on the God that calls himself, "I Am", The Alpha & Omega.  The most important holy writings are the Torah, or the 1st 5 books of Moses, which are also in the Old Testament of the Christian Bible.  Others include Judaism's oral tradition, the written for of which is known as Talmud.  Descended from Abraham's son Isaac
Christianity: Founded by Jesus the Christ in A.D. 30
                             crucified in Jerusalem
Jesus the Christ, descendant of Abraham & David, taught love of God & meighbor and concern for justice.  The main text of Christianity is The Bible.  It is the most sacred text in all of Christianity.  Major splits in Christianity have happened throughout the years starting with the Orthodox Church separating from Roman Catholicism in 1054.  In the early 1500s, protestant groups separated also creating a major division amongst Christians which shook the very foundation of the Church.  Lest never forget, the very basic core lies in the heart of both Catholism, Orthodox, & Protestantism.....Jesus the Christ, son of God
Islam: Founded by Muhammad
              Born in A.D. 570 at Mecca, Saudi Arabia
Islamic Beliefs are based on "The Five Pillars", or main duties, which are: profession of faith, prayer, charitable giving, fasting during the month of Ramadan, and pilgrimage to Mecca at least once.  The most Sacred Text of Islam is the Koran.  There are 2 main divisions in Islam & they are constantly at battle with each other over rules.  The 2 divisions are Sunnis & Shiites.  The Shiites split from the Sunnis in 632 when their founder, Muhammad died.  Divisions rose over who was to term the next rule over the religion.  Descended from Abraham's son Ishmael.
Hinduism: No Founder to Claim
                        The Oldest Religion-May Date Back To
                        Prehistoric Times
Worshipping Many gods & goddesses whom are considered different forms of the One Supreme Being.  The most sacred text of Hinduism are the four Vedas.  Reincarnation, a belief in Hinduism, states that all living things are caught in a cycle of death and rebirth.  Life is ruled by the laws of Karma, in which rebirth depends on moral behavior.  There is no single unified belief system amongst Hindus.  A Hindu can believe in only one god, or in many, or even none.  
Founded By: Siddhartha Gautama(Buddha)
                             In India 4th or 5th Century B.C.
There are no Gods in Buddhism, only enlightened beings who are known as Buddhas.  The most sacred holy writings of buddhism are the Tripitaka, the Mahayana Sutras, Tantra, & Zen texts.  Beliefs in Buddhism are based on the 4 Noble Truths.  1. all beings suffer 2. desire-for possessions, power, etc.. causes suffering 3. desire can be overcome 4. the path that leads away from desire is the Eightfold Path(the Middle Way).  Different types of Buddhism include Theravada(Way of the Elders), Mahayana(Greater Vehicle) are the 2 main types.  Others like Falan Dafa also exist which incorporate a more up to date version of reality.Falan Dafa followers are persecuted throughout the Globe for their beliefs.  
New Age Religion: Actually A Reinterpretation of
                                          Old Paganism Reinvented Through
                                          Modern Day Practitioners
In a class by itself, the New Age Movement has no holy text, centralized governing structure, formal membership, ordained clergy, dogma, creed, or global center.  It is more of a free-flowing, decentralized, spiritual movement.  A network of believers and practitioners who share somewhat similar beliefs, which many add on to whichever formal religion that they follow.  Their book publishers take the place of a central structure.  Seminars, conventions, books and informal groups replace the sermons & religious services.  A lot of New Agers practice the art of Ancient Paganism or Druidism, not to be confused with Luciferianism, although some New Age Movements have been designed exclusively around Luciferianism.  

How Did All That

For The Record, I am almost certain I am a Buddhist & Pascifist

Evolve From This?

The Annunaki
Literally translated as:
"Those To Earth From The Heavens Came"
The Annunaki or as we know them, The Fallen
                    The Annunaki are a group of deities which originated in the very 1st documented civilization of Mesopotamia, or as some might know, the land of Sumer.  The 1st reference to Sumer in the Bible is the land which Abraham came from.  He and his family bloodline was from Sumer, which is modern day Iraq.  Hmmmm....  Interesting......
                    Though some people may show different ties here, I most commonly relate the Aunnunaki with that of the Watcher Angels in the Book of Enoch, which is considered heretical and if you are a devout Catholic, I would advise you to think about the choices you are about to make if you do decide to read it.  
                    The Annunaki were named after their King God, the God Anu or An.  Later on, myth states they become the judges of the underworld.  I do not know how to explain to you how I got to the point I am now.  I might even possibly be wrong, and I've made my peace with that.  But it all correlates.  
                    I know earlier in the website, I talk about how the views on this website were not my own, but I must say, I am a believer in what I'm about to tell you.  It's just history.  That's it.  And by stating the God is or isn't one of these people mentioned in the myths, I find very disturbing.  By saying this or anyhing else for that matter is not God, I would say we are limiting the powers of God.  God can be anything.  He is the Alpha & Omega right?  If you notice in the Bible, Lucifer never tempts a loyal subject of God's, without God's Ok first.  There's an important lesson to learn there.  I would think that if he were really the great adversary, he wouldn't ask any permission.  He would just go around doing, if he considered himself God's equal.  right?  

Warning: Do Not continue reading if you are not open to the possibility that pre-history is not what you've learned it as.  Some people are just simply not ready for this.  If you think you are, then so be it.  If not, find another topic to read.  I will tell you though, it fits.  If you open your mind & your heart, it will just affirm your faith.  It will not destroy it.

                    There is one other group of gods from this era called:  The Igigi.  I bring them up now, because it is important to note in biblical history, and even in islamic history and the history of Judaism, We all know of the "Fallen" angels.  Those that rebelled, led by Lucifer, The Morning Star.  In the Atra-Hasis Flood Myth, the Igigi are the 6th generation of the gods and work for the Annunaki.  They rebelled after only 40 days of servitude, and were then replaced by humans... Keep this in mind.  One of the biggest reasons 1/3 of the angels rebelled with Lucifer, is because "God" loves humans more because he gave us the choice to love him back or not.  Angels do not have a choice.  Please remember this.

The Annunaki in Mythology

                    The Anunnaki appear in the Babyonian creation myth, known as the Enuma Elish.  In the latter version magnifying Marduk, after the creation of mankind, Marduk splits the Anunnaki & assigns them to their proper stations, 300 in Heaven & 300 on Earth.  In thanks, the Anunnaki, built Esagila, the splendid: "They raised high the head of Esagila equaling Apsu.  Having built a stage tower as high as Apsu, they set up in it an abode for Marduk, Enlil, Ea."  Then they built their own shrines.  
                    The Anunnaki are mentioned also in The Epic of Gilgamesh when Utnapishtim tells the story of the great flood, which we know of in Genesis.  The 7 judges of hell are called the Anunnaki, and they set the land aflame as the storm is approaching.  
                    The Assyrians & Babylonian Myth states: the Anunnaki were the children of Anu & Ki, brother and sister gods, themselves the children of Anshar & Kishar(skypivot & Earthpivot, the Celestial Poles), who in turn were the children of Lahamu and Lahmu(the muddy ones), names given to the gatekeepers of the Abzu(House of Far Waters) temple at Eridu, the site at which the creation was thought to have occurred.  Finally Lahamu & Lahmu were the children of Tiamat(Goddess of the ocean) & Abzu(God of Fresh Water). 
                    In Sumerian Mythology, the Anunnaki were a pantheon of good and evil gods and goddesses who came to Earth to create the human race.  According to some sources, these gods came from the Planet "Nibiru"-Planet of the Crossing.  The Assyrians & Babylonians called it "Marduk" after their chief god.  Sumerians said one year on planet Nibiru, a sar, was equivalent in time to 3,600 Earth years.  Annunaki lifespans were 120 sars which equal 432,000 years.  Accordin to the Sumerian King's List, 120 Sars has passed from the time the Anunnaki arrived on Earth to the time of the Great Flood.  Key important point,  The Bible states that it was approximately 1100 years between the creation and Noah.  The Ancient Sumerian Texts state it was 432,000 years.  Stay with me and keep an open mind.  

The Ancient Alien Theory
and Creating Bloodlines

                     According to the Ancient Alien Astronaut Theory, the Anunnaki, and other alien groups mind you, came to Earth & seeded the human race in several variations and interpretations.  The research was lead by 2 main individuals, Zechariah Sitchin & Erich Von Daniken, and has even been "tapped" by the History Channel in their on going series called none other than "Ancient Aliens."
                    Actual physical evidence of ancient astronauts is found throughout the planet, leading one to conclude that different races visited here at different periods in Earth's history, or the same aliens return and set up various "experiments"(civilizations) in which they could remain and experience.  Evidence has been found in places like the Middle East, Egypt, India, China, Greece, Mesoamerica, and other ancient sites.  
                    The Anunnaki in the Ancient Sumerian Texts, have the exact same series of events as all major religions of the world.  This would include: The creation, The Flood, The Tower of Babel, and on and on.....  The only differences are the time differences.  As stated earlier, the bible points to around 1,100 years between the creation of man to the flood.  Sumerian Texts say 432,000 years.  The Sumerian texts actually match archeological record.  This being shown in flood water lines in the Sphinx, which actually dates the Sphinx to about 300,000-400,000 years ago.  That's the scary part.  You see, the religions of the world, aren't wrong.  They're just a little inaccurate.  This has upset the mainstream world so much, that they are afraid to lay claim to new ideas.  They're affraid it would uproot the very foundation of all the world religions.  Religions are good for one thing and one thing only.  Keeping Individuals in line and on a straight and narrow path.  Never forget that.  What a good recruitting tool as well, join us or burn for eternity.  Right?
                    Ea or Enki, whicher you prefer, was a deity in Sumerian mythology, later known as Ea in the Babylonian version.  The name Ea is of Sumerian origin and was written by means of 2 signs signifying "house" & "water".  Enki was the deity of water, intelligence, creation, and lord of the Apsu(the watery abyss). 

The Various Myths

Note: The Stories were past down by primitive man for possibly
hundreds of thousands of years and then notated.

Creation Myths

                     The main temple of Enki was the so-called e-engur-ra, the "house of the water-deep" in Eridu, which was in the wetlands of the Euphrates valley at some distance from the Persian Gulf-the Cradle of Civilization.  His name is possibly an epithet bestowed on him for the creation of the first man, Adamu or Adapa as it's called in the Sumerian Texts, Known to others as Adam.  See not even a big variation in pronunciation.  Adamu-Adam.  
                    He was the leader of the first sons of Anu who came down to Earth, playing a pivotal role in creating humans then saving them from the Deluge.  Ok let's compare to the Christian version.  In the new testament it says,
In the beginning was the Word(Jesus was the Word of God-who was also the son of God), and the word was with God, and the Word
was God(Jesus was also God in Human Form).  He was with God in the beginning.  Through him all things were made(Jesus made humans
& the world we live in), In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind.  The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not
overcome it.  
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  -The Witness John(Malachi 3:1-5)
                      Ok, So Ea is possibly Jesus.  let's go on.  According to Sumerian mythology, Ea(Enki) allowed humanity to survive he Deluge which was designed to kill them.  After his brother Enlil & the rest of the Anunnaki, decided that Man would suffer total annihilation, he covertly rescued the human man Ziusudra(Noah) by either instructing him to build some kind of a boat for his family, or by bringing him into the heavens in a magic boat(depending on translation).  This is apparently the oldest surviving source of the Noah's Ark myth and other parallel Middle Eastern Deulge Myths.  So it wasn't God who destroyed the world with a flood, it was Enlil who was Ea's brother.  Ok, we've already stated who we think Ea(Jesus) is, who might Jesus' brother be?  Who sat at the right hand of God, what Angel was the right hand man of God.  Ea(Jesus)(The Word) who was God and created us, who was his 2nd in command?  None other than his brother Enlil who I believe to be Lucifer.  Let's keep it in the family here.  He was also known as "me" -in the christian versian old testament or judaism "I Am". Hmmmm... He was the keeper of the holy powers which were called "ME."  The exact meaning of his name is not sure: the common translation is "Lord of the Earth".  The Sumerian en is translated as "Lord", ki as "earth" but there are theories that ki in this name has other origins.  
                    Whether Eridu at one time also played an important political role is not certain, though not improbable.  At all events, the prominence of the Ea cult led, as in the case of Nippur, to the survival of Eridu as a sacred city, long after it had ceased to have any significance as a political center.  Myths in which Ea figures prominently have been found in Assurbanipal's library, indicating that Ea was regarded as the protector and teacher of mankind.  He is essentially a god of civilization, and it was natural that he was also looked upon as the creator of man, and of the world in general.
                    Traces of this view appear in the Marduk epic celebrating the achievements of this god, and the close connection between the Ea cult at Eridu and that of Marduk also follows from 2 considerations: 1. the name of Marduk's sanctuary at Babylon bears the same name, Esaggila, as that of Ea in Eridu.  2. Marduk is generally termed the son of Ea, who derives his powers from the voluntary abdication of the father in favor of his son.  
                     Accordingly, the incantations originally composed for the Ea cult were re-edited by the priests of Babylon and adapted to the worship of Marduk, and similarly, the hymns to Marduk betray traces of the transfer of attributes to Marduk which originally belonged to Ea.  Just like the Old Testament to the New Testament.  
                    It is however, more particularly as the third figure in the triad, the 2 other members of which were Anu & Enlil, that Ea acquires his permanent place in the pantheon.  To him was assigned the control of the watery element, and in this capacity he becomes the shar apsi, i.e. king of the Apsu or "the deep."  The Apsu was figured as the abyss of water beneath the earth and since the gathering place of the dead known as Aralu, was situated near the confines of the Apsu, he was also designated as En-Ki, i.e. "lord of that which is below"", in contrast to Anu, who was the Lord of the "above" or the heavens.  -Hmmm... So wait, now Ea might be Lucifer.  Well, he was known as the "light of mankind" and Lucifer was known as "the Light Bearer".  So there's one story that's twisted some how.  I wonder who twisted it.  It is stated that after the fall of man, dominion of the earth was given to Lucifer(the Serpent in the Garden of Eden who tempted Adam & Eve).  The cult of Ea extended throughout Babylonia and Assyria.  We find temples and shrines erected in his honor, e.g. at Nippur, GIrsu, Ur, Babylon, Sippar, & Ninneveh, and the numerous epithets given to him, as well as the various forms under which the god appears, alike bear witness to the popularity which he enjoyed from the earliest to the latest period of Babylonian-Assyrian History.
**Please Note** We've found our 1st discrepancy between the religious texts of the world and the Sumerian Texts.  Was Ea
the Word, Jesus, Lucifer, what?  Well according to what you just read, he was all of the above.  Hmmmmm......   Perception=Reality....  
Keep in mind, this is the oldest written text

Flood Myths

                    Linked to flood myths, Enki was considered a god of life & replenishment, and was often depicted with streams of water emanating from his shoulders.  Alongside him were trees symbolizing the male and female aspects of nature.  each holding the male and female aspects of the 'Life Essence', which he, apparent alchemist of the gods, would masterfully mix to create several beings that would live upon the face of the earth.  

The Family

                    Enki's youngest son, Ningizzida, was Lord of the Tree of Truth, in Mesopotamia and played the role of "Thoth" in Egypt.  The ancient Mystery School Teachings of Thoth were past down to his Initiates who became the priests.  They hid the secret knowledge of creation, passing it down through the ages until their experiment was to end.  


                    Ea(Enki/Jesus)'s Emblem was 2 serpents entwined on a staff -the bais for the winged caduceus symbol used by modern Western medicine and the rod of "Hermes."  His symbols included a goat and a fish, which later combined into a single beast, the Capricorn, which became one of the signs of the zodiac.  Enki's sacred number is 40.

The Anunnaki
Fact or Myth?

                    In Sumerian mythology and later for the Babylonians & Assyrians, Anu was a sky-god, the god of heaven, lord of constellations, king of gods, spirits and demons, and dwelt in the highest heavenly regions.  It was believed that he had the power to judge those who had committed crimes, and that he had created the stars as soldiers to destroy the wicked.  He was the Father of the Anunnaki.  In art he was sometimes depicted as a jackal.  His attribute was the royal tiara, most times decorated with 2 pairs of bull horns.  Anu was the god whose name was synonymous with the sun's zenith, or heaven.  He was the oldest god in the Sumerian pantheon, and part of a triad including Enlil, god of the sky and Enki, god of water.  He was also called Anu by the Akkadians, rulers of Mesopotamia after the conquest of Sumer in 2334 BCE by King Sargon of Akkad.  By virtue of being the 1st figure in a triad consisting of Anu, Bel, and Ea, Anu came to be regarded as the father and king of the gods.  Anu is so prominently associated with the city of Erech in southern Babylonia that there are good reasons for believing this place to have been the original seat of the Anu cult.  If this is correct, then the goddess Nana(or Ishtar) of Erech was presumably regarded as his consort.  
                    The name of the god signifies the "high one" and he was probably a god of the atmospheric region above the earth-perhaps a storm god like Adad.  However this may be, already in the old-Babylonian period, before Khammurabi, Anu was regarded as the god of the heavens and his name became in fact synonymous with the heavens, so that in some cases it is doubtful whether, under the term, the god or the heavens is meant.  
                    It would seem from this that the grouping of the divine powers recognized in the universe into a triad symbolizing the 3 divisions, heavens, earth and the watery-deep, was a process of thought which had taken place before the 3rd millenium.  The doctrine once established remained an inherent part of the Babylonian-Assyrian religion and led to the more or less complete disassociation of the 3 gods constituting the triad from their original local limitations.  
To Anu was assigned the control of the heavens(sky), to Bel the earth, and to Ea the waters
                   An intermediate step between Anu viewed as the local deity of Erech(or some other center), Bel as the god of Nippur, and Ea as the god of Eridu is represented by the prominence which each one of the centers associated with the 3 deities in question must have acquired, and which led to each one absorbing the qualities of other gods so as to give them a controlling position in an organized pantheon.  For Nippur, we have the direct evidence that it's chief deity, En-lil or Bel, was once regarded as the head of an extensive pantheon.  The sanctity and, therefore, the importance of Eridu remained a fixed tradition in the minds of the people to the latest days, and analogy therefore justifies the conclusion that Anu was likewise worshipped in a center which had acquired great prominence.  The summing up of divine powers manifested in the universe in a 3-fold division represents an outcome of speculation in the schools attached to the temples of Babylonia, but the selection of Anu, Bel and Ea for the 3 icons of the 3 spheres recognized, is due to the importance which, for one reason or the other, the centers in which Anu, Bel and Ea were worshipped had acquired in the popular mind.  Each of the 3 must have been regarded in his center as the most important member in a larger or smaller group, so that their union in a triad marks also the combination of the 3 distinctive pantheons into a harmonious whole.  In the astral theology of Babylonia and Assyria, Anu, Bel and Ea became the three zones of the ecliptic, the northern, middle and southern zone respectively.  The purely theoretical character of Anu is thus still further emphasized, and in the annals and votive inscriptions as well as in the incantations and hymns, he is rarely introduced as an active force to whome personal appeal can be made.  His name becomes little more than a synonym for the heavens in general and even his title as king or father of the gods has little of the personal element in it.  In Hurrian mythology, Anu was the progenitor of all gods.  His son Kumarbi bit off his genitals and spat out 3 deities, one of whom, Teshub, later deposed Kumarbi.  He bit off the genitals of Anu and spat out 3 new gods.  One of those, the storm god Teshub, later deposed Kumarbi.  Scholars have pointed to the remarkable similarities between this Hurrian creation myth and the story of Ouranos, Kronos & Zeus from Greek Mythology.   

Anunnaki, Space, & the Creation of the Human Race

                   Zechariah Sitchin & Erich Von Daniken were not the 1st to make the claim of the Sumerian gods(Anunnaki) to be space travellers from another planet who seeded life on earth, but they are the ones who were famous for making it popular.  Although I must say, it wasn't their books who led me to this conclusion.  It was the book "Chariots of the Gods" by William Brantley.  Brantley's book was more down to earth and written in Layman's terms and I could understand it better.  Sitchin's and Daniken's works, read like stereo instructions.  LOL!!..  The various books written by these authors and many authors alike, explore the ancient mythology and the mysterious megalithic ruins found around the globe.  These various books also seek to demonstrate that there was in ancient times an extraterrestrial race that genetically manipulated mankind for various reasons.  The Sitchin thesis "Sitchinism" now embraced by many people around the world, who have incorporated it into what is apparently a new worldview, essentially asserts that these ancient Sumero-Babylonian gods, the Anunnaki, are aliens from the planet Nibiru, otherwise known as the 12th planet according to Sitchin.  You see, the ancients categorized the sun and moon as planetary entities as well.  This would make Nibiru th 12th planet in the solar system, which only passes near to us where we can see it every 3,600 years, at which time they planet hop to the earth to create all their shinanigans.  Although, the idea of the ancient gods being aliens may seem novel, the tendency to make the gods of old into realistic entities of flesh and blood is not new at all & goes back to the time before  The Greek historian Herodotus (5th century B.C.E.) and philosopher Euhemeros (300 B.C.E.).  This practice actually has a name.  It is called "euhemerism or "evernerism," which claims that the numerous gods of various ancient cultures were not "mythical" but were in reality kings, queens, warriors, and assorted heroes whose lives were turned into fairytales with the addition of fabulous detail to their biography's.  So this new addition of the Annunaki to Euhemerism isn't really anything new.  It is however unique in that with today's technology and what we know about how architecture is and so forth, and how we would have a hard time building something to scale such as the Great Pyramid at Giza, it makes the idea tangible.  As a matter of fact, it's the only thing that actually makes sense.  Think about it....  Primitive Man... sees a being climbing out of a starship.... with lights flashing and gas emmitting from around the back on a starlit night.  A Being approaches wearing some futuristic piece of clothing..... To the primitive man, the creature would be a GOD of emense proportion.  It's not that he was divine, but he was more technologically advanced, and would appear to be god-like.  It's even in the bible.  Take a look:
...the sons of God saw that the daughters of man were fair, and took them as wives...    -GENESIS 6:2
                    Who dare we say are the sons of God?  It's not Jesus or the word.  It's clearly wrote as "sons" plural.  It's not man, because man is the creation of God.  It is clearly pointing to a set of beings other than man and more than one.
...Then it happened, as they continued on and talked, that suddenly a chariot of fire
appeared with horses of fire, and separated the 2 of them; and Elijah went up by a 
whirlwind into heaven.
And Elisha saw it, and he cried out, "My father, my father, the chariot of Israel and 
it's horsemen!!"  So he saw him no more.  And he took hold of his own clothes and 
tore them into 2 pieces.  He also took up the mantle of Elijah that had fallen from
him, and went back and stood by the bank of the Jordan.  Then he took the mantle
of Elijah that had from him, and struck the water, and said, "Where is the Lord God
of Elijah?"  And when he also had struck the water, it was divided this way and that; 
and Elisha crossed over.  
                                                                                                             -2nd Kings 2:11-14
                    What was the most common mode of transportation back in the ancient times besides walking on foot?  Horses and Chariots.  What would a primitive man think of a mighty rocket ship?  That's a really big Chariot dude!!..Look at the flaming horses!!!!
...And I looked, and behold, a whirlwind was coming out of the north, a great cloud, 
and a flaming fire and a brightness was round about it, and out of the midst of it there
came as it were a figure out of the midst of fire...
                                                                                                                            -Ezekiel 1:4
...Then the spirit took me up, and I heard behind me the sound of a great rushing...So
the spirit lifted me up and carried me away...  Then I came to the exiles at Telakib,
who dwelt by the river Chebar, and I stayed there astonished among them 7 days...
                                                                                                                            -Ezekiel 3:12, 14-15
...And when he had spoken these things, he ascended while they were looking at him;
a cloud received him and he was hidden from their sight...
                                                                                                                             -Acts 1:9
                    You see, even in the old & new testament from Elijah to Jesus, it is riddled with Alien and UFO encounters.  Once you read the bible for what it is, and quit trying to interpret it, it all makes sense with all the other religions.  Christians, particularly in the United States, are taught that the Bible is the complete inephable Word of God.  For that reason, many deny any facet of creation that appears not to be substantiated in the Bible.  What we tend to overlook is the actual history of the Bible-a compilation of separate books written thousands of years ago by a variety of individuals in a multiplicity of languages.  At various times throughout history, groups of men have met to determine which books were to be included in their sacred text.  The books included were deemed to be inspired by God and authoritative in the eyes of the religious leaders.  These books were selected from among many submitted for consideration.  What we know as "The Apocrypha" contains books that have at one time been regarded canonical and books that have never been so regarded, yet offer information that can be instructive.  All books are written within the given perspective of the author.  Biblical scholars understand that translating the Bible from it's original languages necessitates having to use words in one language that are not true reflection of the original language.  Thus, translations may obscure what the ancient author was attempting to communicate.  This means that students of the Bible need to be open-minded and realize there can be multiple layers of meaning present.  
                    With this in mind, is there evidence in the Bible of cooperative activity between mankind and a galactic group of travelers?  I say yes.  So this in my mind validates the possibility that we were seeded long ago by an alien race.  Not only is it possible, but if you realize the infinite vastness of space, not even limited to our own galaxy, our planet is but a grain of sand on a cosmic Mount Everest.  The possibilities are endless.  Not only is it possible, it's highly probable.  If you take into consideration the Alpha & Omega aspect of God, by stating this is not possible, you are limiting the powers of God.  See?  I believe if God is All, All is Limitless possibilities.  

Ancient Astronaut Theory

So popular now there's even a TV series called "Ancient Aliens" on the History Channel
                   The researcher Charles Fort was widely known as the chronicler of what are now called "Forteana," bizarre anomalies and mysteries that throw the current perception of reality on it's ass, whether it be religious or scientific.  In an attempt to explain these anomalies, which include weird stories or "myths" and enormous, astonishing ruins worldwide, a number of people like the authors we spoke of before, have created "the ancient astronaut theory" which dictates that alien visitors have been influencing human life for millions of years, starting with genetic manipulation.  These authors in the beginning, were widely ridiculed for even proposing the idea.  Now it all just makes sense.  Because of his scholastic training in the arts of economic studies, Zechariah Sitchin has become one of the more credible even though he is not totally trained in the field of archeaology.  Please note that the ancient astronaut theory was actually proposed by a German occultic society in the 19th century.  These authors just took it and developed it to what it is today.   
                    The picture to the left is 1 of 14 tablets known as the "14 tablets of Enki."  The information contained within these tablets is very shocking.  Just the opposite of what we've been taught.  
                    The tablets are the account of Enki and his journey.  Enki claims in these tablets to have come to Earth to mine gold and other precious metals to return to their home planet.  The gold was needed to repair their planets atmosphere.  They needed mine workers so Enki created huans on Earth in "their" image.  
...And God said, Let us make man in "our" image, after "our" likeness; and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea...
                                                                                                                    -GENESIS 1:26
As we seen earlier, there are many parallels between the Sumerian tablets and the Bible.  Most reasonable people have always wondered how Noah got a male and female of every living animal on a boat.  Hello....................... DNA in testubes....................This wouldn't take a big one......
                    The first Adams & Eves were a "blacked headed people" and were sterile.  Instead of a single Adam and Eve implied in the bible, there were 7 pairs of them.  They were sterile, but this sterility problem was solved in later versions of Adams & Eves.  (There were several trials and genetic manipulations until humans were

Tablet #1

                    This tablet explains the perception of reality and how things appear to be to us, an atomic war on earth between multiple factions of the Anunnaki(sounds familiar right)?  The evil wind spoke of what seems to be a radioactive cloud that kills everyone & everything in it's path: gods, humans, animals, & vegetation.  One particular part of the tablet says it's the worst thing to happen prior to the deluge(Noah's Flood).  This description is also mentioned in other ancient texts from India and several others.  Even in the bible.  It is vague at best, but gives you a general description..  ......And the Earth was null and void and without form... Which makes me think if it was without form, once prior it was with form.  
                    This one talks about how long ago on the Anunnaki's home planet of Nibiru, they seem to think they came to life from what our evolutionists believe as primordial soup.  It mentions the planets thick atmosphere and vegetation like something out of a junglfied Indiana Jones Film, thick and overgrown, hazy like a dense foggy night in London.  It's cycles around the sun with the hot and cold periods, while during the cold periods, the planets inner heat keeps Nibiru warm.  Disputes started that ended in use of what we consider atomic weapons which devastated their planet to a crippling stage of existence.  Then peace was reached finally and a king was established for the entire planet.  This is also seen as a state of evolution among civilizations, which I'm not totally opposed to.  Everyone gets so upity when you mention a global unified human race.  But, think of how grand an idea.  If done for the right reasons, by the right people, it would work.  It would succeed.
                    This tablet also  explains the lineage of kings on the planet of Nibiru throughout the Anunnaki Union.  Keep in mind it must be impressively small if the average lifespan is 420,000 years.  It tells of kings and their marriages.  One king named "O" even married his brothers daughter.  Keeping it in the family like the royals.  I thought they must've learned that from somewhere.  
                    Within this tablet, you begin to understand the breech in the atmosphere on the Anunnaki home planet of Nibiru, which was a direct result of this atomic warfare mentioned in the previous tablets.  The answer to this breech is to find a powdered type of gold called (Ormous) Gold which has been made here on earth by scientists.  I've researched it extensively.  It actually provides some very well established medical cures for certain ailments within the human body as well.  Check it out:  "Ormous Gold."  The Ormous Gold was needed in the upper atmosphere to make the repair.  This decision was only made after the fighting ended which left them with a murdered king who was killed by his brother... similar to the Cain & Able story actually except it's with Royalty and Not Herders.
                    The elevation of a murder to King status.  The distant royal relative that murdered the king was given the thrown without election, reprocussions, or even questioning.  It was as if the murder was planned as a coup d'etat.  We've heard those terms before also.  
                    Details extensively how the king attempts to repair the planets atmosphere by detonating atomic bombs inside of volcanos which would enduce a green house effect and shoot gasses into the atmosphere, an idea not without scientific reason.  I'm just not sure how well a civilization would survive this.  Although it was stated earlier that Nibiru was kept warm during the cold period by it's inner warmth.  Needless to say, this act does not remedy the problem and the rest of the Anunnaki are displeased with the King's decision to bomb their own planet.  The next person in line for the throne challenges the King and defeats him in a wrestling match.  The ousted king escapes the Anunnaki by jumping in a space ship and heads towards Earth.(Eerily Similar to the fallen angel stories lead by the angel Lucifer, "falling" to Earth.  and so begins the Second Tablet.

Tablet #2

                    We begin with the defeated king's escape from Nibiru, planning to head to the distant cold planet Earth which was still in the middle of an ice age.  The craft he was in contained massive weapons and he was planning on blowing a path through the asteroid belt, which had previously kept the Anunnaki from going to Earth.  
                     In detail, is described the 1st days the ousted King spent on Earth.  He describes the crisp air, fresh fruits, and all the fish in the sea and that they are good.  He found traces of Gold as well that could be chemically altered to make Ormous which was needed to repair the Nubian atmosphere.  He makes contact with the newly crowned King in order to strike a deal for his safety and the survival of their home planet.   

Tablet #3

                      The ousted King attempts to bribe the new king with his knowledge of the gold on planet earth and have his kingship reclaimed.  As the negotiations come to an end , A  surveillance team of Anunnaki will be sent to Earth to evaluate the ousted King's story.  If there is all that the ousted King claims, there will be a chance for the ousted King to reclaim his thrown through another wrestling match.  If not, certain exile awaits the ousted King.  
                    After the negotiations, the Anunnaki Surveillance Team begin their journey towards Earth.  Briefly, they stop on Mars for water.  Water for themselves, and their craft which also runs on water.  This is not too scientifically far off either.  Many studies have been done and models built of cars fuel being water.  The engine of the car separating the Hydrogen and Water and the exhaust is merely a vaporous gas.  After leaving Mars, they enter Earths atmosphere and land there.  The team spends 6 days examining the generous portions of animals, trees, and wildlife including fish.  On the 7th day, the team leader declares a day of rest as well(similar to what?)  Precious Metals were processed and pulled from the water on Earth.  And the Team Leader Gave names to the "day" "month" and "year" with definition.  The team begins to search for Gold but does not find vast quantities.  The remaining weapons on the ousted King's craft are taken and hidden away in a cave so they can not be used again to make a doorway through the asteroid belt.  An Anunnaki finally leaves Earth to take the 1st batch of mined Gold back to Nibiru to begin the atmospheric restoration.  

Tablet #4

                    Within this tablet, it begins with the arrival of the craft on Nibiru and the arrival of the 1st shipment of Gold.  Word was received from Earth that larger deposits exist underground there.  A high ranking Annunaki was placed in charge of the Earth operations and he quickly departed and headed to Earth.  
                    The new King of the Anunnaki decides to come to Earth and see the Gold underground himself.  A plan is also developing during this time on Nibiru as to which of the King's sons will stay on Nibiru and which one will go to Earth to command the operations there.  This was needing to be done because of the rivalries held between his 2 sons for they were both eligible for kingship.  
                    The king has his 2 sons draw lots to decide where they will go and serve.  When the decisions are announced, the defeated king restates his case for the 2nd wrestling match for the throne.  The wrestling match ends with the new king again beating the already once defeated king.  After the end of the match the defeated king bites off the penis of the new king and swallows it.  He is tied and bound.  During the healing of the new king, the belly of the defeated king swells from the semen of the king's penis.  A court convenes and attempted to decide the fate of the defeated king.  The new king's son wanted to go ahead and murder him though.  
                    It is decided, instead of killing the ousted king, his fate was given to him by the new king who exiled him to Mars where he would wait to die from swalling the king's severed penis.  The King returns to Nibiru and tells all of the happenings on Earth and the plans to harvest the gold there.  He begins referencing Earth as Eden(yes this is in the Sumerian Tablets).  The plans also include a relay station on Mars and quite possibly the moon.  The lower gravity on the moon and lack of an atmosphere would make a very good relay post for approaching craft.  
                    The machine begins with the building of great earth moving machines and different styles of brandished equipment being prepared on Nibiru for the excavation on Earth.  The Earth's shorter cycles and atmospher affects the Annunaki in mysterious ways giving them specific powers just like was told in the Superman comics.  A group of Anunnaki leave Nibiru, including Medical Personnel who stop off at Mars to check and see if the ousted King has died and also to setup a relay station there.  The rest of the group continues to Eden(Earth).

Tablet #5

                    We begin the 5th tablet with the arrival of the next group to arrive on Earth.  The son that has been placed in command of support for the gold harvesting has a meet & Greet with his sister who is also a Medical Staff Member.  They soon fly off to the King's sons living quarters which was built on a mountain top.  They express love for one another and discuss their son on Nibiru wanting to come to Earth(and yes this is brother & sister).  They fly back to Eden and he flies her around telling her of his plans.  More and More Anunnaki begin arriving from Nibiru.  
                    There are now about 300 active Annunaki on Mars & 600 on Earth.  This portion is more of the same igorance and immoral character building as portrayed in novels about royalty and yes it goes all the way back to the Annunaki.  The king's daughter that is having sex with the king's son is promised to the kings other son by the king and so forth.  So when it is found out by the other son, that his brother has been sleeping with his sister, whom he wants as his bride, the daughter is forbidden to marry anyone.  THe king's son that was having sex with his sister, rapes a young member of the medical staff, which is under the command of the sister he is sleeping with.  (This is so "days of our lives.")  The offending Kings son is exiled to a barren place on Earth, but the Annunaki that takes him to exile, takes him purposely to a place where the seven atomic bombs taken off the defeated king's spaceship is stored in a cave.  
                    Meanwhile, the raped young medical staff female is brought before the 7 judges and she tells them she is pregnant.  They ask her if she will take the king's son that raped her as husband.  She acknowledges that she would.  The exiled king's son is returned to Eden.  The other king's son that is in charge of getting the gold from underground, is living in the same area of Earth.  His father, the king, had proimsed him his daughter in marriage, but instead banishes her from marriage when the king found out about her and his other son sleeping together.  Now the king's son isn charge of getting the gold asks her to join him in his dwelling.  He and his half sister have a newborn daughter.  He wanted a son.  She has another daughter.  He cries out he wants a son but she curses him.  He now has terrible health problems.  Only upon swearing to stay away from her vagina does she give him relief from her curse.  She returns to Eden and he summons his wife and child on Nibiru to come back to Earth.  He has five sons by his wife and other Anunnaki women.  This sets up a rivalry between the 2 sons on Earth and it leads to an all out war.  We also see the gold getting to Nibiru and the atmosphere begins to heal.  At this point there are now 5 Anunnaki cities on Earth.  
                    (Remember These Guys?) The Igigi begin complaining about all the hard work, and the Igigi on Mars begin to complain the most.  The commander of mars is brought to Earth to show him the workings there.
                    The Mars commander is shown the workings on Earth.  He secretly desires to be the king so he steals the tablets of destinies(unknown their true scope and power) from Earth.  He believes he can not be defeated while he has the tablets , but he is defeated and sentenced to death.  He died in the 35th Shar(3600 years-remember).  25 Shars would've placed his execution at or around 90,000 years after the Anunnaki came to Earth.  The Earth's Anunnaki leaders come up with a plan to refine the gold on Earth and only take refined gold back to Nibiru.  That will leave space on the craft for the Igigi to travel to Nibiru for rest and the King agrees.  
                    The king's son in charge of mining now directs his attention to life and animals on Earth and how it differs from Nibiru.  Mentioned are the animals in the tall trees that use their front legs as hands.  Other creatures were seen in tall grasses walking upright(hominoids).  The Igigi in the mines rebel, and the 2 sons and others devise a plan to return the rebelling Anunnaki to Nibiru and replace them with new and fresh Anunnaki workers.  They also decide to create a "LuLu" A primitive worker.  

Tablet #6

                    Amongst the Anunnaki here is much discussion about creating a primitive worker slave race of beings.  One of the kings sons stated, the "father of all beginning" has the sole power of creation.  The other king's son that is promoting this endeavor is saying the being already exists and they would not be slaves, but helpers.  Of course this sounds like a "perception" change from the hosts to their subjects.  Convince your subjects things are "their" idea, and they'll work much harder than they would if they "knew" they were controlled.  Make them a part of the illusion.  The other King's son says it is against the prime directive to interfere with a species current state on another planet.  This would be a deviation in the laws of natural progression(just like on star trek-I wonder who Gene Roddenberry actually knew and talked to when he created star trek).  After much debate & discussion, the Anunnaki King decreed that the primitive slave would be created.
                    This tablet also speaks of all the mythical creatures which we learned about when we were younger in fairy tales, such as unicorns, dragons, mermaids, gnomes, and so forth, and talks of their creation by the Anunnaki.  In this table, it states how the Anunnaki took parts from the behind of one animal and combined it with the front of another, in the case of the Centaur.  In other words, they had been experimenting with DNA.  This King's son had created creatures from DNA manipulations and had violated the rules before the arguments had even begun to create the primitive worker.  Given the right to proceed by the king, they tried to mix the Earth's 2 legged creatures(hominoids) DNA with their own and place it in the 2 legged Earth female creature's womb.  There were many conceptions but the results were not good.  Many creatures were created with deformities.  
                    All attempts failed, but finally they decided to not impregnate an Earth 2 legged female again, but an Annunaki female.  The Anunnaki female that had been doing the DNA splicing decided to be impregnated herself.  She conceived and gave birth to a boy child that she named ADAM.  Then they decided to askt he young female Anunnaki healers from Nibiru if they would be impregnated.  7 stepped forward.  
                    The 7 Annunaki female healers were impregnated with a combination of the 2 legged female creature(hominoid) & ADAM.  The 7 gave birth to 7 male children.  Upon realizing the problem of the demand on Annunaki women, they decided to make female children and let them procreate themselves.  The wife of an Annunaki was asked and consent given to impregnate.  The birth was not normal, but the female child was good.  
                    7 more females were created for the 7 males.  Adam & Eve are moved to Eden(the main Annunaki City) and the 7 males & females are placed in cages amongst the trees.  The time for them to procreate has come and gone.  No conceptions.  Some DNA is taken from the king son and the woman that was doing the DNA spicing and placed in Adam and Eve.  Adam and Eve are then left to roam Eden as they please.  It was then noticed by the Annunaki Prince that Adam and Eve had placed leaves over their loins.  He is upset and summons the other king's son that was part of the creation to explain.  He in turn summons his accomplices in the creation.  They all explain the missing DNA, which makes the son in charge of Eden more upset.  He had warned of the folly.  One of those in the creation speaks up and says the Annunaki long life was not given to them.  The son in charge of Eden commands them to take their creations out of Eden.  Adam and Eve did not leave Eden because they ate the fruit of the forbidden tree.  They were expelled because the Annunaki scientists gave them the DNA to procreate and the commander of Eden was very upset with this development.  Eve was not tempted.  None of it was within Adam and Eve's Control.  

Tablet #7

                    Adam & Eve are placed in an enclosure outside of the city of Eden.  They had many children to boot.  The Annunaki now have 3 generations on Earth at this time as well.  The Adams are working in the fields and mines.  The gold is flowing.  The Earth is warming.  The snow is melting, the volcanoes erupt and the ground shakes.  The Igigi are complaining on Mars of high winds and dust storms.  The asteroid belt is in turmoil.  On Earth, brimstones are falling.  It appears Nibiru passed by close somehow causing a lot of trouble in the skies.  A large asteroid hit the moon.  The Annunaki contemplate abandoning the relay station on Mars.  It has now been 80 shars(288, 000 Earth Years) on Earth and yes, the original Annunaki that came 1st are still alive.  The Annunaki go to the moon & study many things in this table.  The 3 ways of heaven & the twelve constellations, etc...  Since the Mars relay station was to be abandoned, a new spaceship port was to be created on Earth for direct transport of the gold to Nibiru.  The King comes to Earth to see the new port.  At this time, there seems to be a feud brewing again between the King's 2 sons and their children this time.  The primitive workers(Adams & Eves), are captured outside of the city of Eden and brought into the city.  They are given chores and jobs to do.  In those days grains and sheep were not brought to Earth.  The King's son that created mankind has a new scheme, but he notices that mankind is reverting backwards.  
                     The Annunaki Prince that created the humans, was observing them one day.  He saw several young Eves and decided to impregnate them with his Annunaki Sperm, & they gave birth from this union.  It is now the 92nd Shar that the Annunaki have been on Earth & The King's son is very excited about the births and says he has created "civilized man."  He wants this to be a secret, and he tells his vizier to secretly move the 2 children into his house and say they were found in reed baskets in the brush & bushes.  He and his wife raised the 2 children.  The king's son very deceitfully passed them off, not as his offspring, but as a new more intelligent generation of Adam and Eves.  He calls for grains and ewes to be brought to Earth so they may herd the sheep and harvest the grain.  Once the male and female children procreate, they give birth to 2 sons which are none other than "CAIN & ABEL".  The Annunaki King calls for a visit to Nibiru by the new earling male.  

Tablet #8

                    The ship arrives on Earth to pick up the male and take him back to Nibiru.  The Annunaki Prince sends the other Earthling Offspring along to accompany him.  The king's son tricks the male by telling him not to eat or drink the long life things because it is a poison and you will die.  The craft leaves and they arrive on Nibiru.  The King sees his grandchildren and an earthling for the first time.  On Nibiru the earthling is offered the long life bread and elixir.  He does not eat or drink.  The king becomes offended and asks why not?  He says he will die.  One of the king's grandsons gives the king a tablet given to him by his father for the purpose of giving to his father the King.  The King reads it and understands the earthling male is the offspring of his son.  The king's son wants the earthling to return to earth and it be his lot to live and die on Earth.  The real reason the King's son did not want him to eat and drink the long life food was because of concerns over any future kingship disputes since he was his son.  The earthling and one of the 2 grandsons return to Earth.  The twin sons, Cain & Abel, are shown how to dig water canals and harvest grain while the other one is taught to herd sheep and spin wool.  At the first harvest there is a celebration and the 2 twins make their offerings to the King's two sons.  A celebration is had.  Later Cain is unhappy that one of the King's sons did not praise him for his effort.  Cain and Abel fight because of this and Abel is killed & Cain is then exiled.  This portion of the tablet details the teaching to the earthling offspring of the King's son.  It also mentions other teachings to other offspring.  The worshipping of the Annunaki is created.  This was in the 98th Shar since the Annunaki had landed on Earth.  In the 104th Shar, the Kingship lineage on Earth Several generations down the line, still doesn't have any babies with their half sisters.  The last portion of this tablet details the story of the end of life of the 1st earthling male that the King's son had made by an Eve.  The earthling male (father of Cain and Abel) we are told as Adam.  He was born in the 93rd Shar and he died in the 108th Shar making him 54,000 years old when he died.  At this time the Annunaki and earthling humans intermarry.  

Tablet #9

                    At this point in the game, the Annunaki and Earthlings intermarry.  Hardships on Earth and Mars due to the sun flaring.  One of the King's Sons son wants to marry an earthling woman.  There is an objection.  THe debate involves the statement that the kingship lineage marrying half sisters is a custom.  The problem with the marriage is the kingship lineage.  If the kingship lineage marries an earthling woman, the king on Nibiru could eventually become  an earthling.  The king decrees that if the king's son male offspring marries an earthling, he can not return to Nibiru and his prince status is ended.  The King's son that is Commander of Earth also states he and his new wife will not be able to stay in Eden.  The king's son male offspring marries an Earth woman.  
                    200 hundred of the Igigi from Mars came to the wedding.  Unbeknownst to the leaders of Eden, the 200 Igigi from Mars had planned on the abduction of Earthling women to be their wives.  After the wedding they did this.  The Earth commander which has always been against the creation of manking, is sorrowful they have destroyed their original mission.  Once a sacred mission, is now one evil deed after another.  Now the Earth will be overrun by mankind.  The King's sons Male offspring that had just gotten married was basically banished to another land across the sea.  There he invited the Igigi that had taken earthling wives.  The king's son that created mankind has taken a fancy to a married earthling woman as well.  He asks his son that married an earthling woman that resides in the new land to ask for the earthling woman's husband to be transferred there.  The King's son that created mankind now visits the new land often and watches and seduces the woman(biblical story of David and Bathsheeba).
                    Bathsheba becomes pregnant and has a child.  The 1st white bodied, blond haired, blue eyed earthling.  Born in the 110th Shar since the Annunaki arrival on Earth.  There are plagues and starvation on Earth.  The Earth commander feels the Earth mission has become perverted and loathes the earthling mankind.  The cries of the earthlings has become loud.  So much so the earth commander can not sleep.  One Annunaki wanted to teach the earthlings the art of healing.  The Earth Annunaki commander said no.  Water would not come from it's sources where the earthlings lived.  Vegetation did not grow.  The Earth commander forbad any teaching or help to the Earthlings.  He wanted the Earthlings to Perish.  For 1 Shar, the Earthlings ate Grasses.  This continues for about 5 Shars.  There are black spots on the sun.  The savants on Nibiru tell of the planets moving during the next passing of the sun by Nibiru.  
                    The savants on Nibiru tell the Earth glaciers are melting and they will lose their footing.  The sliding of the glaciers will produce a great wave that will deluge the land.  Earth will be overwhelmed.  The King on Nibiru tells Mars and Earth to prepare for evacuation.  A head savant comes to Earth with a message from the king.  He informs them that returning Annunaki to Nibiru have become afflicted by becoming used to Earth cycles and not being able to adjust back to Nibiru's longer cycles.  They die more quickly.  One of the King's sons knew of this but the other King's son, which is the commander of Earth is angered.  He is angry that the Earthling were becoming as them and they were becoming as Earthlings.  He feels they are imprisoned on planet Earth and once were masters, now they are as slaves.  The savant tells them they are to remain on Earth.  They are to go aloft in spaceships to wait out the calamity.  The other Annunaki are to be given the choice of returning or waiting out the calamity.  The Annunaki that married Earth women must chose between their wives and departure.  This tablet implies the deluge was a natural event.  In the bible God promises to not let mankind again be destroyed by flood.  The Annunaki are gathered together and told of the event to happen and their choices.  Each decides to stay or leave.  The Annunaki have made their choices.  Afterwards they inquire about the fate of mankind.  The Earth Commander declares they shall perish.  The Annunaki shout back they must not die.  The Earth commander admonishes his brother that created them in the first place against his wishes.  That he went behind his back and interfered with his own creation.  The Earth Commander makes each Annunaki swear an oath.  Assignments for preparations are given.  Spacecraft are assigned.  The King's son that created mankind goes behind his brother's back once agtain and decides to collect the DNA of the animals.  The Earth rumblings grow.