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     Have you ever just wondered what exactly is going on?  Have you ever wondered this can't be the whole truth.  Just like it is stated in the film Arlington Road, Society likes 1 responsible person for any criminal act.  It makes people  feel "safer."  Well, I'm here to tell you 9 times out of 10, it's always more than 1 person, because 1 person couldn't make that big of a difference.  More often than not, it's always whoever has the biggest amount of money that makes up the rules.  The majority of terrorist groups are either fully controlled, or influenced by a high powered governing body, and usually not the governing body that represents them.  They are used to insure the way of life people are use to.  Whether you live in America, Russia, or Venezuala, the story is the same.  It's all eye candy.  pornography for the masses.  It's all controlled & manipulated.  You'd better learn to deal with it, because it's not going to change.  
Here is some food for thought on what exactly is going on.  Do you remember in the movie "Men In Black" when they checked the hot sheets?  Tabloids?  Wow you were scared I was going to bring that up weren't ya!

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Most Conspiracy Theorists See Only their Ballpark
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