Educational Books, Videos, & Devices that are sure to help you along your weay of
self preservation...
Also some various vitamins that you can take to help improve your health.
 Health is Key.  Your Body is your Temple...

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Educational Books

On this page, are various books you can read to intensify your knowledge.  Knowledge is key, but Knowledge is worthless if you don't use it to act.  Keep that in mind.
Also remember, read between the lines.  Not all Information is Fact, and not all Facts are truth.  History is written  by the winners.   I had a dream once.  I was walking and talking to God.  I told him this was all confusing.  How do I differentiate between what's real and what is a farce?  He told me simplify it Morgan.  Bring it down to it's roots.  You were born with the knowledge of good & evil.  You must discern at the most basic level, who's acts are good & who's acts are evil and act accordingly. 
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