Modern Politics
By: Vlad Chertykov
Saint Petersburg, Russia
December 24, 2015

                    Politics in Russia is a very strange thing.  Throughout it's history, the country swings from one extreme to another as a teenager in search of herself, Russia associated with the good & the bad.
                    At the current moment, in terms of policy, Russia is not like any modern 1st world country.  It is actually a feudal monarchy.  The European Wild West as it were, In an atmosphere of lack of freedom, free spech, political competition, and a non-observance of human rights.  The power itself, belongs to a small group of elitests, which are conventionally divided into people from big business, the Ministry of Defense, & the Ministry of the Interior, as well as from the Security Service.  The hierarchy is never updated with fresh free thinking individuals & the exchange process only occurs on posts in ministries and in the Government as a whole.  Powers draw on loyal businessmen & people from the law enforcement agencies.  Loyalty and the old friendship is prized above professionalism & all neighbor, "President Putin's" entourage consists of his old friends on the KGB & Saint Petersburg Administration.

Russian Men of Power

                    Because the Silvoki(men from the Federal Security Service & Ministry of Defense), have a more than sufficient paranoid way of thinking, they are afraid of new things and ideas which creates a firm and inflexible environment, guided by the principles and their idea of good and evil.  They see enemies & traitors behind every corner & look for them under the bed.  They do not trust anyone which creates a difficult position to engage in dialogue with them especially on a political level.  Their power is to them and they alone.  They see it as a resource & do not want to share it.  This is the ultimate cause of zero free & open elections in Russia.  
                    In Russia, the modern economy hasn't developed because development takes time & big business profit is needed here and now, which is why Russia does not produce any smartphones, computers, or oil and gas pumps on the Siberian Tundra.  Big Capitalism in Russia became an object of use only to those who are familiar with those who have power and who has been "allowed" to conduct business.  If in Russia and your business becomes successful & profitable, it can be seized at any time and without any pretext.  

Russian Media

                    On to the Free Media in Russia.  More precisely, 99% of all media in Russia is not free.  They are used to promote the official position of Moscow.  Media plays on the feelings of resentment of the Russian people after the collapse of the former Soviet Union and thereby consolidating the majority of the population against the enemy in the face of the west.  Therefore, the population in the most part are loyal to the Kremlin's activities, despite the fact the economy is in ruins.  

The People of Russia

                    Over on the domestic level, it is not so bad.  People tend to live in large cities without giving up their comforts and pleasures.  They read the liberal media, sometimes fly abroad, drink coffee at Starbucks and even get an education, which is becoming a power all it's own in the major cities of Russia.  This force which is developing, is still learning how to influence the life currently upheld in politics because no one can submit their interests.  Those who attempt to, their case ends up in court or even worse, prison.
                    Many people in Russia today, do not have sufficient enough of an income to live the way they want and are simply trying to survive.  The people are told they have no cause to point fingers or even a right to.  So silently, they agree says Russian Television.  On average, the level of education right now is low, and overall, the Russian People are reluctant to share any new idea and they get pulled into the vacuum of escapism.  
                    This is a scary situation in Russia.  The interesting thing is that the "State" is separated from society & live in their own world.  Therefore, Russia is now called a "hybrid country", where the power is in the sole hands and life of the elitists, and then crumbs are brought to ordinary people.  Everyone fends for themselves..... 
In the bad sense....

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