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October 28, 2015

Fatal Mistakes & Right Decisions
By: MicroMatrix14
A Report from Cairo

Y                     Greetings my friends...  I have decided to take a stance due to the overwhelming responses I have received from my Anonymous post from Egypt.  Here is what I have to say today:
                        In this short article, we will answer some of the very controversial questions which are plaguing our world today.
  1.  Was invading Iraq a good decision?
  2. Was the mass exodus from Iraq a good decision?
  3.  If ISIS is a group of terror which is hell bent on destroying the region and the world, can the world have a very stable form of peace, after the catstrophe's which engulf their world today?
  4. During this torrent, will the situation develop into a Russian dominated landscape?  Will the U.S. maintain a presence there, or will the countries develop a strong independent state of their own?
                    Let's go back to a time pre-dating the 9/11 attacks & the war in Iraq.   There are many conspiracy theories which state that 9/11 was either conducted, or allowed to happen by the United States.....  not Bin Laden....
                    I would like to say if Bin Laden wasn't the terrorist who conducted the operations on the World Trade Centers, he would have stated, I did not destroy it.  It was destroyed by the United States Government, then as a result he would be the winner to corrupt the face of the U.S. in front of the world by saying, The United States of America is killing it's own people.  That being said, the benefits of declaring it was the United States, would mean so much more to Bin Laden than keeping it locked away in secrecy.  I sincerely believe it was orchestrated & conducted by Al-Qaeda(possibly allowed by the U.S.), especially from 1st hand knowledge of knowing how dangerous, destructive, heinous, & atrocious creatures that terrorists truly are...
                    Now, that being said, what are the benefits and possible outcome scenarios which would evolve from invading Iraq?  Disappointingly, there were only about $1.1 Trillion in costs with very littl profit generated....
                    So, what would be the kind of war that needs to pay so much money to destroy weapons of mass destruction, which later we find that there were no WMD's in Iraq, whatsoever?  There is no war known to man that deserves this outrageous sum of money, so what exactly was behind this war?
  1.  Was the oil the reason for the Iraqi Invasion?
  2.  Was this a message to Arab Leaders, that we are able to stop any of you, when we decide?
  3. Was this revenge enacted on a certain ethnic group because of 9/11?
  4. Was this because the Iraqi Army was becoming very strong, independent and building secret weapons that could destroy Israel?
  5. Was this because Iraq began selling their oil by Gold & not by U.S. Dollars?
                     The answer to the 1st question is of course, no.  Gaining control of the Iraqi oil would not cost $1.1 Trillion U.S. Dollars .  The answer to the next 3 questions are most ominously , a resounding Yes.
                    So the invasion of Iraq was fairly a good decision to make,  there were no benefits to the operations.  But the most obviously idiotic decision to make is when the war began to extend beyond the initial budget & end up costing over $1 Trillion, eventually led to a total abandonment of all military campaigns.
                    If the answer to the previous question is no it was not a smart decision to invade Iraq, which made the idea of getting out of Iraq that much more insane due to the investments made in the region.  
                    Now, Iraq is more favorable to Iran & Russia.  What would you say of that?  Simply put the United States of America more or less cleared the way for the Russian & Iranian Governments, and the other Arab Countries which had lost faith in the U.S. and in one signel instance, the U.S. began to lose it's territorial control which it had maintained for decades.
                    ISIS was the initial point of conversion that gave motivation to the Arab Nations to move towards the Russian led support initiative.  So the invading of Iraq was fairly a good decision, but the uncontrolled, fly by night mass exodus from Iraq turned out to be the biggest strategic blunder in U.S. military history until this day.  Now as a result, we have a terrorist devloping play land cesspool in Syria & Iraq called ISIS who know nothing of freedom, individuality, or human rights at a basic level.  However, existence of ISIS in Iraq, Syria, & the LEvant, who kills civillians & children, which is a totally demoralizing and evil act, but do have other benefits...... Keep reading...
                    Well, ISIS in the Middle East Region, brings all the extremists from around the world come to fight there, and one day they will be destroyed there..  Syria and Iraq is a region to destroy all extremists from the world, or at least some of them...  So it is an added benefit to the U.S. which is targeted by the extremists, but an unsettling outcome for the region and the people who call it home.  So we could expect a world with less extremism after ISIS is finally cleaned from the face of the Earth.  In return, the Middle East which has taken a giant leap towards the protection of Mother Russia to participate in fighting ISIS, will strengthen the Russian existence in the region and diminish the control of the United States over the area.  
                    Now, The Arab Nations have lost their faith in the United States of America, and for now, there is no returning at least for a time.  The United States of America has left them alone fighting ISIS alone in solitude.
The Benefit to Us is Less Extremism in the World, but Less Control over the Middle Eastern Region, Which Paves the way for Others to Lay Claim to Vast Natural Resources
What about the people who just want to live who call the region home?