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Hollywood's Black Veil

The Illuminati believe that to control the media is to control the public.  This is one of their stated agendas.  Remember, finances, media, law, government, & education are the areas they target as being the best to dominate society...
                                                                                                                                                 -Svali 2000
                    Money talks in Hollywood.  If you have money, you have the world at your finger tips.  They walk, talk, & breathe with one mission....  The next greatest thing to control the masses.  It's not public & their affiliations are not known.....  The forefront of the Illuminati is there I assure you.  It's been a slow and process to attain this kind of power, but then again, they are the slow waiting type...
                     Every star in Hollywood today is under mind control of some form or another.  The most well known(which isn't known), is through the church of scientology.  I often think what it would've been like to be a movie star, or even a famous musician(because they are involved as well), but in reality, you are better off being a commoner.  
                    "They"(for lack of better terms), control the movie stars, who in turn trade everything from morals to their very souls for what one would describe, the ascension of an immortal.  Fame is hard to attain & it comes at a price.  A familiar story known all to well out on the west coast...  
                    Let's go back to a well known murder which I will term as "a sacrifice."  Celebrities world-wide, are revered & worshipped within our culture.  Like many other varieties of culture, you have the "cast" system.  Even in the bible, you have the Elitests verses the goyim.  The same goes on in our society today & the celebrities sit from the peak...  Whitney Houston when she died, was worth well over $150 million in U.S. Dollars(also a fiat currency-backed by nothing).  She was also in the top 5 as far as popularity amongst her colleagues in Hollywood.  Many in the industry stated that Whitney was worth more dead than alive at the time of her death.  She had been living off financial favors of one Mr. Clive Davis because she was broke.  
                     Within the Hollywood Industry, you have to maintain relevance.  Those that live long lives in Hollywood are those who have the most money and who keep reinventing themselves.  In the music industry, once you take an oath to worship the goat, you are considered a king or queen.  Once you sign a major deal, for millions of dollars, you can never blend back into the crown and become a common person again.  This is why the recording artists are paid royalties.  If you look up the term royal, it means king.

The Late 
Whitney Houston
Illuminati Sacrifice

                      Within this secret society known only to those who are "fortunate" enough to climb to it's pinnacle, they have a different religion & a way of doing things.  It is the same as the one in Ancient Egypt, Babylon, & Sumeria.  When one is initiated to a kingship, they have to agree to take part in certain rituals.  While we will not elaborate in full detal on the rituals(email me and I will describe them), The initiate does have to agree with death.  It's the metaphoric death and rebirth, the rising up as it were.  Giving up the old to attain the new.  Onve initiated, the king or queen then agreed to their life being ritualized all the way to their death.  Their length of life is measured by a test of strength and endurance.  The pharoah's of Egypt were tested after so many years in a ritual called the SED Festival.  Within the rights of this ritual, the Pharoah's strength was tested in several different ways.  If the pharoah couldn't pass this test, he was murdered.  The rituals and festivals are still going on today within our cultural elite.  The people involved are on a different level, as their beliefs are totally contrary to what the masses believe.  There are several ranks among them as it was told to me.  One can become a King or Queen, but when you ascend the evolutionary charts, one can become a God or Goddess.  Whitney known by her Greco-Latin term, a Diva which literally translates as "Goddess".  
                       The leaders of the circles, known as the master Sorcerers have to perform their sacrifices, to their Gods and Goddesses, according to certain customs and doctrines.  When we define the word ritual it means a custom or way of doing things that is based on certain laws.  Within the 33rd degree of Masonry there is a ritual called "Kill King 33."  This ritual was adopted by the Masonic Lodge from the ancient cultures of Babylon and Egypt.  THe rules to this ritual are that the sacrifice had to be killed at a certiain fixed space in time in order for the Gods to accept the offering.  The age of the target, numbers surrounding the event, all have to match up.  Including Constellation alignments and so forth.  
                      We all know that Hollywood is perverse but an insider to the mayhem has posted some new information that is beyond the pale.  It confirms everything and more...  including human cloning & child sacrifice.  
                      The sets in Hollywood are highly charged with venomous sex.  Most new comer encounters with the strange and bizarre underworld offer to sleep and mess around with producers and other power players including group sex and so on...  Or, upon prior to lead role casting, in a fairly large city, the potential leads would be required to live & sleep with the directors for the duration of the run.  
                      Other insane acts that have been noted by this insider include: a fellow cast members girlfriend is really a she-male, or a famous Country Western singer likes to be used as a human toilet.  Even going back stage to meet the one and only Danny Thomas, this man would grab you and ram his tongue down your throat.  
                      There are 2 realities in the industry.  First, there are the insider blood line types who, when they get out of film school, a call is made and the career is launched.  Many of these people come from multigenerational abuse families, and it also helps if you are Jewish apparently.  Secondly, there are the nobodies, who eventually come across the pay to play scenario.  Basically prostitution, sleeping with producers, directors and so on, and being on call as an escort.  If you say no, your career goes nowhere.  

In the Beginning of the Black Veil

                    Many stars including James Dean, Rock Hudson, Marilyn Monroe & Lucille Ball, started their careers as prostitutes....
                                                                                                                                           -Darwin Porter  Hoover & Tolson; Sexual Secrets of America's Most Famous Men & Women(2012)
                    In order to reach the higher echelons of the entertainment industry with no family or Tribal connections, you must work yourself up through the drug use, the sexually permissiveness, prostitution, escort stages to things like mind control, handlers, and into darker levels of spiritual possession or soul loss at a profound level.  This "mess" sets the stage for the artists to become part of a very dark world.  Artists who resist are a huge threat to the industry.  Their controllers compromise you in some way with evidence of your perversions, or they threaten you, or they finally kill you.  If you are a superb money-maker, you are often replaced, not meaning by another actor.... cloning....  Your 2.0 version can keep on making money....

Human Cloning: The Biggest Threat in Hollywood

Examples of Cloning in Hollywood

From the Anonymous Insider of Hollywood:
Insider Exposes Hollywood's Satanic Underside
by: Sasha Spencer

                    She claimed many famous celebrities that had changed their character and looks, were actually replaced by clones.  Her assumptions included stars such as Michael Jackson, Ann Margaret, Joan Baez, Jane Fonda & Jennifer Connolly.
                    The insider had friends in the industry who knew these entertainers personally and believed they had indeed been replaced.  She also mentions Bob Dylan.  Recently, I saw an interview with Dylan who was on 60 minutes, and he admitted on camera that he had indeed made a deal with the devil long ago....  Bob did not look very happy.  Replacement can be confusing to detect because many stars have plastic surgery with horrific results, at best this can be described as mutilations.  Just look at Mickey Rourke or Priscilla PResley.  In their cases, extreme surgeries could be used as a form of torture to "fall in line" or the actor/performer is replaced.  The surgery takes place after the cloning to improve the original.  
                    The clones never live up to their original counterparts.  THey degenerate rapidly.  There are many subtle differences.  However, many actors will do anything to their bodies and minds to work in Hollywood.  Most are damaged individuals.  Stating a word of caution, we should never idolize any "Star", because all successful actors and celebrities have been heavily sanitized and compromised in order to achieve their dream.  Show business is just a distraction, keep that in mind.  In ancient Rome, the poet Juvenal describing the political power scene of the day said, "Panem et Circenses", Bread & Circuses".  Meaning, if ou keep the massses fed & entertained, they are less likely to kill or even notice their invisible handlers.  
                                                                                                                                                                                                it all comes down to the elitests & demonic forces behind them
                      The insider spoke of the Madonnas who grom the younger women to eventually take their place with the sexual/psychic rituals.  She said that all these women are mind controlled and abused.  Many Celebrity charity boards are fronts for prostitution, sex trafficking & drugs.  Many celebrities are set up with boyfriends and marriages which are in fact arranged by higher ups.  The actresses agree to do porn in exchange for all the perks of being with a rich man but knowing they will lose it all if they break up with them.  

Snuff Films

                    There are merely human sacrifice rituals caught on tape.  These films are done with a sex slave/prostitute/callboy, has become slightly haggard & past their "sell by" date or has managed to piss off the wrong people.  THere is a huge market for these satanic sacrifice films among the exclusive, connected & wealthy circles i.e. the Illuminati.  The insider also touched on pregnant actresses who are suddenly not pregnant.  Their babies are used for human sacrifice.  She claims Bristol Palin has been pregnant four times and 3 of the babies disappeared.  She was suddenly not pregnant.  
                    She even went on to elaborate, that there is a long list of famous people who have sacrificed a child, including many political figures.  Many mysterious accidents have happened to big name people and thereafter, magically their career takes off.  I know where the saying comes from, whereby in signing a contact, people joke about giving up their first born child.  Did you know that George Bush Sr. had 2 little girls that died?  Remember Barbara Bush keeping a fetus in a jar?

I can attest to this phenomenon and, I am very suspicious.  Shortly after my 
beautiful young mother was killed in a horrific "accident", weeks after the
death, I was invited to Washington D.C. by a U.S. Senator.  My father was his
financial campaign manger.  I went to the home of George Bush, Sr. for a party.
Holding Poppy's hand and chatting with Barbara, I remember being in total 
and complete shock and profoundly disassociated from my body at the time
and for years afterwards.  Soon after this Presidential visit, my father's
career took off like gangbusters and we soon had oodles of money and a family
jet.  And who was flying in that jet?  Henry Kissinger among many other elites. 
Pretty suspicious if you ask me.

                    We, The people of Earth, expecially in the West, have allowed Hollywood hype to distort our sense of reality.  None of this is by accident.  All has been carefully planned.  Our world is held hostage by an illusion ran by a dark cult.  We are being Preyed Upon by a preternatural force that deals in the grandest of illusions and pushes forth, the Great Work of the Ages.  Our only hope to escape this reality is to pull down the black veil, disengage from the lie and stop feeding the beast.