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News For You October 10th, 2015

What are we on the brink of?

Russia claiming daily victories against Isis targets in Syria, Chinese warships in port and more on the way, &
Al Jazeera is now reporting Iraq & Iran to be liasing with Russia to fight the Islamic State as the U.S. keeps
scrambling to react with anything they can.

                     It's been a rocky 2 weeks since the Day of Atonement.  China has now gotten involved, and now it appears long time enemies Iran & Iraq are now siding together to assist this newly formed Russian coalition to fight the Islamic State.  
                    I want to get something straight.  Everyone is bashing Obama his entire presidential campaign about what he hasn't done.  Please look at what he has done.  I do not believe with one iota of my body that he is personally overseeing or even knows about covert operations in Syria to train Isis.  However, the C.I.A. is a different story.  They are capable of a many many outstanding things.  Just look at the assassination of John F. Kennedy.  The man constantly defied them and was getting ready to uproot them, and the rest is history.  Please keep this in mind.  
                    All the while, Russian airstrikes on Islamic State targets and installations persist, Israeli Mossad has confirmed the arrival of the new Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning as well as a destroyer pictured above in the upper right hand corner.  Tensions are high and things are getting a little dicy.  The news is just now reporting that the Chinese is on the way, but if you look at my previous news post I stated a few days ago, one carrier was already there and another was passing through the suez canal.  The last carrier and her fleet is nearing their destination and have already affirmed their intensions.  Clearly the 2 super power coalition is attempting to do what the US would not attempt.  Once again, I want to stress, Obama's hands are tied.  He has a house and a senate that will not work with him, and the only way to get anything done is through executive orders.  He can only perform so many before being labelled as misused power.  Remember that.  I believe the Republican Party is using this against him.  
                     Another turn is the joining of 2 old enemies for the greater good of the Syrian people.  Iraq & Iran are now putting down their differences to also pitch in and help in the fight against the Islamic State.  This single turn of events are sending shockwaves throughout the middle east.  Who would've ever thought a union such as this would take place in our lifetime.  It's a lot done, and a lot too late considering all the casualties so far amongst the refugees who were fleeing Syria due to the murderous acts of the Islamic State, but at least something is being done.  Assad is no saint, but at the moment he is the lesser of the 2 evils.  As we saw a few weeks ago world wide, A little refugee boy's body washing up on shore after trying to flee Syria.  This is what the Islamic State is good for.  Killing Children....  Here is the picture again, if you have forgotten.... Never forget....   & here is the current state of 1 of many refugee camps scattered all over the Middle East & Europe.
                    Now please let's not get it wrong.  There is never any war without some kind of political objective.  It's never as simple as the "right thing to do."  Clearly Russia, China, Iran, Iraq, & Syria clearly have hidden political motives in their midsts....  But what is the right thing to do at this point?  Let's ask the people in the picture to the right who is holding up this sign.  
                    Now, let's travel to Afghanistan where it was reported by RT news that a terrorist training camp, training militants, was raided and among the trainers were brits and yankees.  Now we're getting more to the point here.  Why are our Central Intelligence Agencies training Militants?  
                     Russia claims many sorties have destroyed terrorist installation after terrorist installation.  The U.S. is claiming that Russia hasn't destroyed any Islamic State terrorist installations.  The U.S. is stating that the targets were in fact, moderate militants being trained by the C.I.A. but have no connection to I.S.I.S.  It's on record that 4-5 militants are trained every month by the C.I.A. backed training groups.  4-5!  That's not a group! That's a cell!  Don't forget that about every month that exact same number of militants end up defecting to the Islamic State.  So what is exactly going on here?  You be the judge.  
                    It's now being reported that the latest Russian airstrike has killed 4 and injured dozens of civillians.  Hello!  The U.S. just bombed a "doctors without borders" hospital and killed 200!  War is hell.  There is no other way of looking at it.  The U.S. should not condemn one nation for similar or lesser actions it has also committed..... At least in the last week.