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What Is Really Going On
On Mars?

                    Looking back through the years, I look at my high school & college days, and I think about what all was given to us for knowledge about our immediate solar system.  It was so constricted and desolate, as described in the text books.  It definately didn't look like anywhere I would want to go.  I felt perfectly safe right here on the 3rd Rock From the Sun which we call Earth.  The truth is far more scarier than anything we've ever learned in school.  It's almost, well it is unbelievable.  I had a hard time accepting it.  And yes, I do believe this stuff.  I 1st read a book many years ago called "Dark Mission" by Richard C. Hoagland & Mike Bara.  This book opened my eyes further than anything else I'd ever read before in my life!  Now, Keep in mind, I've been researching the "Global Governance Theory" since I was 17 years old.  I'm now 37, so it would put me as a student of this conspiracy for about 20 years.  What have I learned?  Well, there isn't much you can do on your own.  Most of the time, I sit back and try to grasp the entire picture and maybe justify the actions of the elitests who are governing our world.  It takes a lot to take care of a lil ole' planet like ours.  Think about it.  If you're standing in the middle of a Manhattan City Street, the horns are blaring, people are yelling at each other.  It's almost total chaos.  Go up on the roof of the Empire State Building, it's a different "picture."  The people on the roof have to make decisions to better the stance of the city as a whole.  Yes, their decisions might affect the one or two singles on the street, but for the greater good, it's better.  These same ideas can be applied here.  
                    Look to the right, you will see a picture of the Mars Rover Curiosity.  Yes this is a real picture.  I should hope so.  Nasa takes a lot of public funding for what they do.  They better be buying 1000 mega pixel cameras with that money and not wasting it.  The picture below, is your typical Martian terrain.  Rocky, Red, and not that much to see.  Boring.  yeah.....  OOOOoohh..... Let's change the channel, right?  It is this way by design.
                    I've got so many friends who would protest their hearts out to have the truth revealed to the public about Mars, The Moon, Aliens(who aren't so alien by the way), The Government.. All of it.  But you have to sit back and look at the big picture.  Could Grandma Betty Sue in her single retirement condo down in Naples, Florida survive the truth?  What about your grandmother living in rural Tennessee who gets upset about the constant flux of the price of Bacon?  
                    I loved both my grandmothers very much.  I called one Minnoo & the other Mema.  I always thought of them to have good heads on their shoulders.  My Grandmother Minnoo was a devout Church of Christ Christian.  You would not find a sweeter lady with a bigger heart.  I mean this woman, who wanted away from her husband, would not file for a divorce until she had religious reason for doing so.  She was that devout.  She paid her tidings every month.  She also worried about mine and my father's souls very much.  The truth is neither her, nor my other Grandmother or Grandfather for that matter, could handle this.  They, no matter how strong of a street sense they had, could not handle any kind of disclosure.  The truth would've ripped the very foundation of their lives away from them.  Honestly, it's like this all over the world.  You're talking about a world population built by design, on the fate of their souls, surviving a trip through the ashes of hell and making it to heaven.  We, the only advanced species in the entire Universe put on this remote rock to do only one thing, worship God.  Why would God place us in the outer realm, on a lonely planet, just to do one thing?  It's because that's not why he put us here.  It just keeps people in a controlled state of being if you can convince them that doing that very thing will keep you out of trouble, save your soul, and eventually land you a ticket to heaven.  Control.
                    Giving credit where credit is due here, A researcher who has been in the field for a long time, Wayne Herschel, is spending his entire life on this subject. I strongly suggest you check out his website.
                    Wayne has chronicled his entire life's work here. Please donate to his cause.  At one time, he was on the run fearing for his life.  This stuff is that serious.  As Wayne details on his site & in his books, look to the left.  Is there any way?  Is there any way at all that Mars naturally evolved to resemble perfectly the Pleiades?  This is just the start!  It's amazing my friends.  To think, that we might actually be a part of something far greater than we've ever imagined.  We just have to open our eyes and hearts.
                    I will just go ahead and tell you.  This isn't just limited to the terrain of Mars.  It includes Earth as well.  Or as I like to call our planet as it was in the old age, Terra Firma.  Ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt, The Runes of Ancient Ireland.  It's all connected.  Now here is the scary part.
                    Mars not only contains the Pleiades imbedded in her terrain, it also contains military bases & entire cities.  The fact is well known amongst all the research community and in the ranks at Nasa, that Nasa blurs out the pictures that they take on Mars, the Moon, and even Venus when we sent Probes there.  They blur or adjust all or part of any mars anomalies photos released to the public.  They call this method NASA-ty editing.  Below is some pictures I've found which show the blurring of images by Nasa.  Just look at them.  Look at their outlines.  See them for what you think they are.  Not for what Nasa says they are.

Trees on Mars 

Water On Mars

Structures On Mars

                     These are just some of the more well known pictures of trees, water, and structures on Mars.  You haven't seen the "tubes" yet or the creatures.  My point is, today, September, 28, 2015, Nasa makes the public announcement, "THERE IS WATER ON MARS.!"  People, they already knew that.  They are slowly bringing us up to speed on something they have known about for years.  This is how disclosure works.  Now for total disclosure.  I pray it will be completed by the end of my lifetime.  I fear it won't.  They are breaking us gently in to the possibility.  All of these pictures, like I said, can be found on  Please check them out for yourself.  Nasa has descriptions for all, but they explain away the anomalies.  I suggest you don't read them.  Trust your instincts.  This is where they get you.  Remember what I said?  Perception equals Reality?  They are trying to change your perception with their descriptions of the pictures.  Keep your mind open to the possibility that not only was there life on Mars, there STILL IS.....                                          to be continued...................