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"It is a Hollywood script clishe' to say that by participating in a high profile assassination, you sign your own death warrant.  No one would volunteer to get involved.  This fact also helps explain that Lee Harvey Oswald was, as he said,
'a patsy' and then silenced by Jack Ruby.  Oswald was the perfect patsy.  He had been a communist defector, never mind a former U.S. Marine with black ops experience who was let back in the U.S. with no problem, not even a small fine."
Democrat Darling Woody Harrelson's Hitman Father Said He was Involved in the JFK Assassination
By: Mick Gregory
November 22, 2008

New Zealand News Paper Reports JFK Assassin One Day Too Early
The Christchurch Star
Saturday November 23rd, 1963
                    It is widely reported and known to the modern world, that the only newspaper to report Kennedy's Assassination the same day as the occurrence was  The Dallas Times Herald which only stated that JFK & Governor Connally were shot by a sniper.  
                    This information is inaccurate.  Around the World in New Zealand, at the same time, not only was it reported, they also named the arrested Assassin as Lee Harvey Oswald, who was not even arrested for JFK's murder.  Oswald was actually arrested for shooting Dallas Patrolman  J.D. Tippit.  The time difference from Texas to New Zealand is 17 hours.  The Christchurch star came out on Saturday November 23rd, 1963 at 7am which would've been 2pm Dallas Time on Friday November 22nd, 1963(Same day as the Assassination).  Oswald wasn't even named as a suspect at this time.
                    Just as it was played out in the movie JFK, "Mr. X", reading the New Zealand Christchurch Star is not only plausible, but very oddly possible.  Definately points to Black Ops.  Yes the CIA had the capability back then to make this happen.  All it would've taken was a teletype on Friday Evening.  The only photograph from Dallas in the New Zealand Paper was of the Book Depository, which could've been taken months prior.  Think about it.  What we Perceive is our reality.  They just screwed up and forgot about the time difference when they told all the papers not to run anything until Saturday.

The Dallas Times Herald
Friday November 22, 1963

As you can see when you compare The Dallas Times Herald to the New Zealand Christchurch Star, the differences are astounding.  Just as reported in the movie JFK.  The Dallas Times Herald says nothing about Oswald, & at the same time, the New Zealand newspaper has already named him as the assassin

The Assassination of JFK
The Coup D'etat
That Changed Our World Forever

May 29, 1917
November 22, 1963
Dallas, TX

Reality In the 1960s

                    After World War II & the Korean War Ended, came the 60s.  An era, volatile by nature, marked by assassination, the upheavel of races & classes, and a Coup D'etat which would determine the outcome of America to this day.  The 60s will forever be known for social revolution, the cold war, the Vietnam War, the sexual revolution, a breeding ground for sexually transmitted diseases, the music revolution, hippies, narcotics, & free love, the civil rights movement, & the space race.
                    For the 1st time, America's Sons were sent off to fight & die in a war that no one believed in.  The ideals of communism were slowly starting to fade away to the public as a cause for bloodshed, and the people were beginning to embrace a more socialistic mind set.  I think people should take a long hard look at communism and the ideas which are being represented now from the Progressive Movement and how the development of a controlled species hold up in comparison.  I dare say, they are pretty close to being equal.  Have you ever actually looked up the definition of Communism?  It's actually not so bad.  As a matter of fact, it's not all that different from democracy.  Wait! Did I say democracy?  

Communism vs. Democracy

It is "a social, political & economical ideology that aims at the establishment of a classless, moneyless, stateless & revolutionary socialist society structured upon common ownership of the means of production
It is "generally defined as a form of government in which all adult citizens have an equal say in the decisions that affect their lives."  
Democracy & Communism: Are They Really The Same?
by: Frank Li
Both Systems Have One Major Common Idea
Death to Capitalism
Definition of Capitalism
An economic & political system in which a country's trade & industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state.

The United States & the American Dream

                    A Capitalist Democratic Republic , Unique in it's own right; It's the 1st time it's ever been done.  What a novel idea.  But, I'm sad to say, it's merely an illusion anymore.  Remember what I said before?  Perception = Reality.  Our fore fathers had a brilliant idea.  Yes they were freemasons, Yes they did not want to pay taxes to the East India Trading Company(which I will get into later), & Yes they did not trust you, but they gave you the opportunity of the American Dream if you so chose to pursue it.  

John Fitzgerald Kennedy
The Man

JFK's Alternative & Planned Expulsion of the FED

                    John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States of America.  Entered the public office January 20th, 1963.  He was taken from us on November 22, 1963 with one swift stroke, never to completely fulfill his goals as President, Business Man, Playboy, Father & Husband.  The man wasn't perfect, but the man had the best interests at heart when making decisions for our country.  A Subject which I will touch on later on the website, was abolishing of the Federal Reserve System which held our country for ransom and is still doing to this day.  Presidential Order 11110, signed on June 4, 1963, did not do away with Fiat Currency, but it did away with the Federal Reserve System and the Feds interest in concerns with the United States.  We were to start printing our own currency known as the United States Notes.  The United States Notes, though not backed by any hard wealth or gold, would put the power of the money in the hands of the people.  The only difference in the Federal Reserve Note & the United States Note is printed right on the bill.    

See the Difference?

                    Obviously the abolishment of the Federal Reserve System was in John F. Kennedy's crosshairs.  He issued on record $4, 292, 893, 825 of real owned by the people currency.  1 day after his assassination, All the money he had created was pulled out of circulation and destroyed, the Federal Reserve Act was reinstated by Linden Johnson, and not a single word was uttered to the American People.  Linden Johnson's name has came up several times on this site under several different topics.  Hmmmm... A Pattern?

Malcom "Mac" Wallace

Bernard Barker

Operation Northwoods

                    This could've fit very easily under The Military Industrial Complex, or the Eugenics Page, but I found it more fitting here.  See how all this is intertwined?  John F. Kennedy was presented with Operation Northwoods by the Joint Chiefs of Staff in 1962.  The operation called for terrorist attacks against U.S. Citizens by government agencies and forces, and blaming it on our enemies, to justify different wars going on as well as political assassinations.  What?  Sounds a lot like 911 doesn't it.  Of course, the playboy rejected it.  As a matter of fact, He had planned on stripping the C.I.A. of their right to operate covertly, and eventually dismantling it.  The Central Intelligence Agency, highly concentrated with Nazi Influence, & was very influenced by the Federal Reserve, had serious problems with this.  The seeds of assassination had been planted.  

Meet the Conspirators

Harvey Oswald(Patsy)

Lee Oswald(CIA)

                    This man was absolutely every conspirators dream for a Patsy.  He worked out perfectly.  Not only was he entrenched with every single group that wanted to eliminate John F. Kennedy, He had almost 0 ties to leave behind.  As a Marine, he was a radar operator specifically for U-2 Spy Plane Recon Missions.  He defected to the Soviet Union shortly after leaving the Marines and gained access to the KGB when he married a KGB Colonel's niece and lived like a king there.  More than likely, this guy is the one who sold secrets to the Soviet Union over the U-2 spyplane which led to it's being shot down.  Now, this guy isn't perfect.  He was a piece of shit.  I just don't think he killed Kennedy.  He went through the defection process to enter the Soviet Union all the while actually working for the C.I.A. spying for the United States.  Now get this, when he returned from the Soviet Union in 1963(I didn't know defectors were allowed to return), He shares a building with an Agent who was trying to organize the overthrow of Castro in Cuba.  His name was Guy Banister.  Working out of the same office mind you, Oswald was creating & distribution Pro-Cuban Propoganda.  Talk about the creation to chaos, I would've loved to sat in on one of their conversations with a cup of coffee.  An employee of Guy Banister, named Delphine Roberts, stated Banister had been a special agent for the FBI & CIA.  Oswald distributed Leaflets with Pro-Castro propoganda in New Orleans in 1963 with the return address of Banister's office on it.  In my opinion, Oswald appeared to be Banister's Asset.
                    Secret Service Chief James Rowley received a 3-page letter from C.I.A. Director John McCone which acknowledges Oswald's employement by the CIA & states he was in the Soviet Union as an agent & not as a defector.  The letter also stated how this information needed to be left out of documents given to the Warren Commission, being as Agents were obligated to lie to protect "company secrets."  It was their patriotic duty stated Allen Dulles.  At the time of the assassination, it is documented well that Oswald was paid regularly $200 per month under the agency's employement and he was assigned an informant number.  One month prior to the assassination, Oswald moved to Dallas, TX where he got a job with the Texas Book Depository for $1.25 per hour.  
                    Assassinated at 12:30pm, Oswald was seen on the 2nd Floor snack room getting a coke.  Another person was on the 6th floor until 12:20, and did not see anyone.  Arnold Rowland, a man on the street, saw 2 men in the 6th floor windows.  
                    Oswald claimed he was in the 2nd floor lunch room during the shooting; 90 seconds after Kennedy was shot, Marrion Baker ran into Oswald in that same 2nd story lunchroom.  Baker asked Oswald's Boss if he knew him, and he acknowledge him.  As Baker was leaving to continue his search, he told Oswald, "The President's been shot!" Oswald's reaction, without hesitation, was one of a complete lack of knowledge of the assassination.  It was like he had heard it for the 1st time.  
                    It does not take a genius to realize Oswald was set up from the moment he was working with Banister in New Orleans.  He was probably marked as a "patsy" prior to his fake defection to the Soviet Union.  He was an asset.  Nothing more.  I quote Robert Redford in the movie spygame,
                            "An asset is someone you use for information, nothing more....  If it comes down to you or risking
                              your life for an asset, send flowers..."
                                                                                                                                        -Robert Redford movie, "Spy Game" 1995

Marita Lorenz

Guy Banister

David A. Phillips

Charles Harrelson

Lyndon Johnson

David Ferrie

Jack Ruby

E. Howard Hunt

Frank Sturgis

George Bush Sr.

The Official Story as released by the Warren Commission

                    After firing his bolt action rifle 3 times in 6 seconds, He left 3 magazine catridges side by side in his sniper nest.  He then wiped the rifle clean of any finger prints he might have left behind.  He then stashed the rifle on the opposite side of the loft, sprinted down 5 flights of stairs, past 2 women(Victoria Adams & Sandra Styles) who both claim they never saw him.  Then showed up calm and collectively on the 2nd floor in the lunch room where Patrolman Baker saw him 90 seconds after the shooting.  

If you can willingly and knowingly subscribe to this nonsense, why are you here?  
It's obvious.  Just open your eyes.
As I said before, Oswald was no saint.  He was in fact a piece of shit.  But he did not kill Kennedy.

Jack Rubenstein
Oswald's Assassin

.                    Born Jacob Leon Rubenstein in Chicago, IL on March 25, 1911,  Jack Ruby would become world reknown for assassinating the assassin of John F. Kennedy.  From his early years until 1943, Ruby was a vagrant who stayed in and out of trouble, being associated with the "right" mix for influence.  He was arrested at the early age of 11 for truancy, and spent some considerable amount of time at the Institute of Juvenile Research(Sounds Like A Recruitment Ground for Covert Government Asset Training).  He later became a business agent for a local collector's union in Chicago which later became part of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters(you know what that means).  He left for the armed Army Air Force in 1943 and from then until 1946, he worked as an Air Craft Mechanic(Ok take note of this, we will see later on, affiliations with Air Force Personnel & the Local New Orleans Civil Air Patrol.)  
                     According to childhood friends, Jack had nothing to do with local mobsters & gangsters.  His early friends were also on record as to saying Ruby was on his own and was not connected to any Mafia type group.  FBI agent Bill Roemer, completed a thorough investigation in Chicago after the assassination of Oswald.  He frequented every low-life in the Chicago area, and no one knew who Jack Ruby was.  Even the Mafia top guys, as Roemer points out, "his informants", had no knowledge of Jack Ruby or Jack Rubenstein.  It wasn't Mafia related.   Both State & Federal officials indicated that he was not affiliated with organized criminal activity.  My biggest concern right here is, #1 why was an FBI agent in communication with high ups in the Chicago Mafia, #2 The Warren Commission backs up the claims that he was not Mafia.  Sounds like tips & Payoffs to me, Mafia CHECK. 
                    While in the Army Air Corp in 1943, He attended his first of numberous Communist Party Meetings. Hhmmm... the plot thickens...  THey met on the 3rd Floor of an office building on Walnut Street in Muncie, Indiana.  William Fehrenbach told The Warren Commission, members were from all over, but said Ruby always stood out as dressing nice and always treated him like he was somebody.  When he addressed Ruby as Mr. Rubenstein, he would reply my name is Jack and that was how I was suppose to address him.  Fehrenbach stated to the best of his knowledge, Rubenstein was a member of the Communist Party in America at the time, or at least was closely associated with them.  
following the assassination, four Dallas deputy constables(fully empowered peace officers with county-wide jurisdiction) inspected a box obtained from Mary Sims that contained documents which linked Ruby & Oswald.  The deputies, Billy J. Preston, Ben Cash, Robie Love, & Mike Callahan saw a photocopy of what appeared to be a press card for the communist newspaper, "The Daily Worker," with Jack Ruby's name as the Chicago correspondent.  Ruby was not a communist, but appears to have been monitoring the activities of local communist party meetings.
                                                                                                                                                                       **NOTE FROM  HARVEY & LEE BY JOHN ARMSTRONG"
                    On Rubenstein's 2nd visit to Muncie, He took Fehrenbach out for lunch.  They spent approximately 1.5 hrs together, during which time, Ruby invited Fehrenbach to come visit him in Chicago.  
                    When he left the military, he moved to Dallas, TX.  His sister had been residing in Texas since 1943 and owned an establishment called the Singapore Supper Club, later known as The Silver Spur, where he began helping his sister run her business.  This was Ruby's introduction into the business of nightlife establishments and he began making connections to local business owners in Dallas.  During the next few years, Ruby would travel back and forth, spending time in both Dallas & Chicago.  
                     Fehrenbach would see Ruby 1 more time in early of 1947 in Muncie, Indiana.  A few days later, Fehrenbach would find a list lying on the floor of the 3rd level with a list of about 100 names who he suspected were associated with the Communist Party in America.  Jack Rubenstein was one of the names on that list.  He turned the list over to his father in law who was a local police officer.  
                     After the assassination of Kennedy and Oswald, he saw Ruby's face on the television and called the F.B.I. and explained in detail he knew him as Jack Rubenstein and his association with the Communist Party.  This was later dismissed, as there was another Jack Rubenstein from New York who held some political offices, but was highly associated with the Communist Party.  Details showing the 2 pictured side by side, show that they are 2 totally different people.  This was used in the defense during the Warren Commission and kept Jack Ruby from being associated with the Communists.  

Not Even A Close Similarity

There are some affiliated reports which state that Jack Ruby from Chicago was hired as an informant for the House UnAmerican Activities Committee(HUAC) to report on Communist Activities in America.  Memorandum wrote on 11/24/1947 by a HUAC staff assistant read, "It is my sworn statement that one Jack Rubenstein of Chicago noted as a potential witness for hearings of the House Committee on UnAmerican Activities is performing information functions for the staff of Congresman Richard M. Nixon, Representative of California.  It is requested Rubenstein not be called for open testimony in those aforementioned hearings."  
He was hired as an informant by Nixon under the referral of Linden Johnson(There is Linden again.)  
Jack Rubenstein changed his name one month after being hired by the HUAC.  Granted by the 68th 
Judicial District Court in Dallas on 12/30/1947, his name was legally changed from 
Jack Leon Rubenstein to Jack Leon Ruby.  

A Gun Running Conspiracy

                    In 1952, Ruby stating he was broke and exhausted, sold the Silver Spur NightClub.  When Ruby was interviewed by the F.B.I. over other allegations, he stated had been mentally depressed and held up at a local hotel for 3 or 4 months then went back to Chicago for 1.5 months.  This is all bogus information of course.  Ruby had been traveling between Dallas, TX & Daytona, FL during this time.  He had gotten involved in supplying guns, munitions, & conterfeit currency to leftist Cuban Rebels who were apposed to the 1952 Coup by General Fulgencio Batista.  
                     During his stays in Florida, Ruby became acquainted with former Cuban President Carlos Prio, who at the time was the one supplying the guns and munitions to Fidel Castro.  Ruby met a CIA operative named Donald Edward Browder who had also been working on the gun smuggling.  Together, they contracted Marrs Aircraft in Miami, Florida to transport weapons to Cuba.  Former Cuban President Prio held the majority of ownership, and during the era prior to Castro, the CIA & Customs would not oppose gun shipments to Castro.  
                    Former Cuban President Carlos Prio & 17 other individuals were indicted on charges surrounding the allegations of arms purchasing and exportation to Cuba in May 1954.  Prio did not contest the charges, plead "nolo contendere" which means -a plea by which a defendant in a criminal prosecution accepts conviction as though a guilty plea had been entered but does not admit guilt.  Prio served no jail time and was fined a mere $9, 000.  Neither Browder, Nor Ruby were questioned, charged, convicted, fined, or even questioned by the U.S. Government.  However, in 1954, one of Donald Browder's contacts, Efrom Pichardo who was charged with conspiracy to ship arms to Cuba on behalf of Carlos Prio.  Another co-defendant, Marcos Diaz Lanz, was a close associate of CIA operative Frank Sturgis(also known as Fiorini).  
                    FBI Informant known as "T-2"(Blaney Mack Johnson), knew everything to detail about Browder & Ruby's Gun running activities in the early 50s.  Blaney gave the FBI detailed information about said activities & 3 names of people who could corroborate the story: Marr's Aircraft's Joe Marrs, who they contracted to fly the guns to Cuba, former Chief of Police in Hialeah, Florida Leslie Lewis, who knew about the operations, and Clifton T. Bowes Jr., a captain with National Airlines in Miami.  After the assassinations, the FBI questioned all 3, and all 3 denied any knowledge or being involved with the illegal smuggling of arms to Cuba and denied knowing Jack Ruby.  
                    Fidel Castro was released from prison on May 15, 1955 and fled to Mexico where he met Dr. Ernesto "Che" Guevara, a doctor from Argentina.  He then went to the U.S. seeking out wealthy investors to back his uprising & revolution.  On November 25, 1956, He and 82 others, on an old yacht, bound for Cuba, stormed the beaches.  They were met with a barage of resistance by General Batista's Forces.  Fidel, his brother, and the Argentinian Physician Che Guevera escaped into the Sierra Maestra Mountains, where they began recuiting people for their next rebellion attempt.  All the others had perished.  
                    Robert Mckeown, an engineer from Texas, who was friends with Former President Carlos Prio, & owned a manufacturing Facility in Cuba.  He lost his business when General Batista deported him for aiding in the arms supply to Castro and his band of rebels.  McKeown had stated that he had briefly met Jack Ruby in his statement to the Warren Commission, but when reviewing all the documents of the gun smuggling, it's obvious they had known each other for quite sometime.  At this point though, Prio, McKeown, & Ruby had known each other for 5 years or so.  But it was the Texas Engineer, Robert McKeown who began developing a close friendship with Fidel Castro after he delivered cargo ship after cargo ship of arms based out of Miami, Tampa, and later Seabrook and Kemah, Texas where McKeown lived.  For his services, McKeown was always paid in the office of an attorney who was counsel for Haiti, in cash, with $100 bills bundled in paper wrapping marked, "Pan American Bank, Miami."  In a letter from Hoover to Rankin on April 17, 1964, the FBI informed the Warren Commission that McKeown was one of the persons in an extensive investigation conducted by the Bureau since 1952 concerning the activities of Carlos Prio Socarras.  The FBI said that Prio, along with others including McKeown, were engaged in supplying Castro with arms for his revolution against General Batista.  The FBI also had some reports stating Jack Ruby/Rubenstein was also involved in supplying arms to Castro, but never provided the reports to the Warren Commission, thereby helping conceal any connection between Ruby & the CIA.  
                    By 1957, the revolution was well underway.  Fidel Castro and approximately 300 some odd rebels were actively engaged in guerilla warfare against General Batista's Forces in Cuba, with arms supplied by CIA-sponsored gun runners.  Again Ruby & Browder began moving arms from Florida & Texas to Fidel Castro, all the time being monitored by CIA & U.S. Customs.  The Bureau had about a 1, 000 page file on Browder, but in 1964 they released only 3 pages to The Warren Commission.  The Bureau knowingly aided in concealing Ruby's connections to his CIA associate Edward Browder from the Commission.  In the 70s, Browder testified before the House Select Committee on Assassinations, and admitted that he used to work for the CIA.  He claimed he bought arms from a CIA proprietary company, The International Arms Corporation(InterArmco, of Alexandria, VA), and then transported the arms to Fidel Castro in Cuba.  
                    Mr. Browder was a former Lockheed test Pilot who was serving a 25 year sentence at the time of the interview for security violations.  He told the HSCA that 1 year after the assassination of President Kennedy, he leased a B-25 Bomber uner a fictitious company name, and flew it into Haiti.  He then cashed a check in the amount of $25, 000 that was signed by none other than George DeMohrenschildt's Haitian business accociate, Clemard Charles.  The HSCA used all of Browder's testimony in connection with DeMohrenschildt, but omitted all of his testimony in their report related to Jack Ruby.  The HSCA helped to conceal Ruby's connections to the CIA operative as well, just as the FBI had concealed Ruby's gun running activities from the Warren Commission.  The reluctance of government authorities to properly investigate Ruby's connections to CIA operatives during most of the 50s & early 60s make sense as we begin to understand the extent of the CIA involvment in the assassination of President Kennedy & Ruby's assassination of Oswald.  
                    As the revolution continued in Cuba, Ruby began commuting between Dallas and a community in Houston called Kemah, TX.  A friend of Ruby's whom he regularly enjoyed card play, James E. Beaird, told both the FBI & The Dallas Morning News, that Ruby was storing guns & ammunition in a 2 level house between the railroad tracks and waterfront in Kemah, Close to Galveston Bay.  During the weekends, Beaird personally witnessed Ruby and his associates load many boxes of guns, including automatic rifles and handguns onto a 50 ft military-surplus boat.  It was Robert McKeown himself who often piloted the boat to a drop-off point in Mexico, where Castro himself would land his yacht, the Granma, and pick up the arms.  As McKeown would deliver more and more arms to Castro, the 2 men developed a close and personal relationship.  Their relationship became so close that shortly after Castro finally took over in Cuba, he flew to Houston, TX and met with his friend in an attempt to persuade him to return to Cuba.  Castro promised McKeown he would  be given a high government position or a business concession.  When Beaird was questioned about Ruby's gun running operations in Galveston Bay, he would say, it wasn't a secret.  Many people knew all about this because Ruby was so open with it.  But unlike Prio, McKeown, and dozens of other people who supplied arms to Castro, Jack Ruby was never charged, indicted, nor even questioned by US Government Authorities.  Ruby appeared to have no fear of being arrested for his operations from 1952 to 1963.  Not only did US Government agencies overlook Ruby's operations, but so did the Warren Commission, the HSCA, the Church Committee, & the ARRB.
          The FBI learned that some of Fidel's forces were planning a raid on Cuba from Texas, and it was McKeown who was busy arranging the procurement & shipment of arms, in early 1958.  McKeown's involvement with Mario Villamia(a CIA connected associate of Carlos Prio who lived in Miami and participated in the CIA's "Bay of Pigs" Operation), was also documented by the FBI.  The FBI office in San Antonio, provided information to U.S. Customs that McKeown had purchased a yacht called the "Buddy Dee" on February 18, 1958.  U.S. Customs seized the vessel enroute from Patterson, Louisiana to Houston with a load of munitions a few days later.  On the 25th of February, Federal Agents arrested McKeown and charged him with conspiracy to smuggle guns and related equipment to Cuba for the benefit and use of Fidel Castro.  
                    Make note of this:  Some of Carlos Prio's co-defendants were working for the CIA.  Mario Villamia, of Miami, FL, participated in the "Bay of Pigs" which I explained earlier, and continued to work with the CIA during the 60s.  Juan Orta, while secretly working for the CIA, was director of Castro's Ministerial office in Havana.  We've all heard story after story, assassination attempt after assassination attemp on Fidel Castro, but the truth is, the CIA planted Fidel Castro, and even watched from several of his government offices keeping an eye on him.  If they really wanted to, they could've taken him out at any time.  The truth is, they didn't want to take him out.  The U.S. Government announced the suspension of arms sales to General Batista in March of 1958.  It was now just a matter of time before Castro and his growing army of rebels(now numbering around 3, 000) succeeded in overthrowing General Batista.  
                    While Prio & McKeown were facing charges for conspiracy, Ruby was once again commuting between Dallas & FLorida.  Dolores Rhoads, her husband Richard Rhoads, and her mother(Mrs. Mary Thompson) in May of 1958, visited Dolores' aunt & uncle, James & Mary Lou Woodard, in Islamorada, Florida.  Dolores & Richard spent the first night in a small 2-unit motel operated by "Jack" &  "Isabel" who were acquaintances of her uncle.  "Jack", who was originally from Chicago, said his first name was Leon but he went by Jack.  Ruby's middle name was Leon.  Mrs. Woodard said that Jack had a trunk full of guns that he was going to supply to the Cubans.  Mrs. Thompson was told there were supplies of guns hidden in the marshes near Islamorada that were to be sold and delivered to the Cubans.  Mary Thompson and her daughter said that "Jack" was driving a late model grey colored Buick with Texas license plates.  Dolores recalled that when drunk one evening her uncle, James Woodard, said he was going to help Jack run guns to Cuba.  Ruby's accountant Charles G. Watters, told the FBI that Ruby drove a used Buick.  The FBI also interviewed James Woodard in September of  '63.  Woodard was questioned again, this time concerning dynamite found at his residence in South Dade County, Florida.  He said the dynamite was to be used by Cuban exile forces fighting the Castro regime.  Apparently the FBI did not ask Woodard if he knew or associated with Jack Ruby, "Leon" or "Rubenstein."  After Kennedy & Oswald's Assassinations, James Woodard's sister said that her brother had been in Texas a lot, and that she had asked James if he ever knew Ruby.  He replied no, but then promply disappeared and hasn't been seen since Nocember 25, 1963.  
                    In 1958, a boat load of Cubans came ashore at a dock in Marathon Shores, Florida, and a young American placed a telephone call to a man in Dallas named "Ruby."  The Oklahoma State Crime Commission linked "Abe Rubenstein," owner of a night club in Dallas, to a carload of guns and ammunition destined for Cuba.  "Jack Rubenstein" wrote a letter to the Office of Munitions Controls requesting permission to negotiate the purchase of firearms and ammunition from an Italian Firm.  In 1959, An Army Intelligence Report, related to importers of armaments, listed "Jack Rubenstein" as the representative for Saunders Import Company, New York, NY.  Isn't it kind of humorous, Prio, McKeown, and several CIA-connected conspirators were arrested for gun running conspiracy from 1953-1958.  Jack Ruby was never once questioned, nor arrested for the same activities.  Ruby was never concerned about keeping his operations quiet, but following the assassination of Kennedy & Oswald, Ruby was deeply perplexed & concerned.  Ruby warned Tom Howard(his attorney) about his CIA connections, and feared that if the connections were revealed, it would expose the CIA's role in the Kennedy Assassination.  Allegedly Tom Howard died of a heart attack a year later at the age of 48, but friends & family thought he had been murdered.  Also in 1958, while awaiting his trial, McKeown went in together with a Mr. Jarret and oppened J & M Drive-In on Red Bluff Road near Kemah, TX.  His friend Carlos Prio funded their venture with a loan.  According to McKeown, Prio had promised him 1/2 interest in the Seria Biltmore, a hotel in Havana.  After his arrest, Prio could no longer provide arms to Fidel Castro and the multi-millionaire and former Cuban President turned his attention to developing real estate in Miami & Puerto Rico.  While being sought for questioning, Carlos Prio was found lying on the ground outside the garage of his Miami Beach Home on April 5th, 1977, dead from gunshot wounds.  He allegedly committed suicide-one week after George DeMohrenschildt allegedly committed suicide by gunshot, and 3 months after CIA asset and former US Ambassador William Pawley allegedly commited suicide on January 7th, 1977.  The HSCA could have asked Prio to explain how and where he acquired his munitions, how they made their way to Cuba, and by whom he was paid, his connection with Ruby McKeown, and other CIA operatives including the notorious Frank Fiorini/Sturgis.  Prio's testimony would've shown that Ruby had been involved with CIA operatives and CIA operations for many years.  
                    Castro's Cuba.  On January 1st, 1959, Fidel Castro & his Rebels succeed in overthrowing General Batista, and there was no need for Ruby to continue supplying arms to them.  But, concerns over political conditions in Cuba began to surface & did not appear to be in the best interest of the United States of America.  4 months prior to his takeover in Cuba, Founder of the John Birch Society, Robert Welch, wrote in the September 1958 issue of American Opinion that Castro, "is a Communist agent carrying out Communist Orders...." Soon after taking over Cuba, Castro's communist tendencies began to surface.  He confiscated U.S. Property, All the banks & Large Industries were all Nationalized, schools became propoganda factories, civil liberties were suspended, free elections were dismissed, and the courts were overtaken.  As soon as the anti-Batista forces laid down their arms, "Revolutionary Justice" began and purges with mass exeutions followed.  Castro later explained, "back in 1959, the U.S. wanted us to make strategic and tactical error and proclaim a doctrine as a communist movement.  In fact, I was a communist...., however, I think that a good Marxist-Leninist would not have proclaimed a socialist revolution in the conditions that existed in Cuba in 1959.  I think I was a good Marxist-Leninist in not doing that, and we did not make known our underlying beliefs."    
                    On March 31, 1959, deep undercover CIA agent Frank Sturgis(real name Frank Fiorini), was interviewed by FBI SA Krant and SA V.H. Nasca, upon referral from the Director's Office of the FBI, Fiorini was then a Captain of Cuban Rebel Army, and was on a confidential mission to the US at the behest of the head of the Cuban Air Force.  The real purpose of his trip was not known to Fidel Castro or his supporters.  Sturgis/Fiorini identified members and leaders of the Cuban Government who were either Communists or Communist Sympathizers.  He also furnished information concerning Cuban plans for potential revolutions in Caribbean countries.  Sturgis/Fiorini, without revealing that he was working for the CIA, offered his services to the FBI as an "agent" in the fight against infiltration of Cuban Government by Communists.  He then requested aid in fighting communism in the Cuban Government.  The HSCA asked Robert McKeown if he knew Frank Sturgis(CIA Agent."  McKeown answered, I seen him one time over at Prio's house..."  McKeown, Carlos Prio, Ruby and others who supplied arms to Castro were constantly surrounded and monitored by the CIA and U.S. Custom operatives.  
                    In response to the growing threat of a possible Communist government within 90 miles of the United States, the CIA began training and arming thousands of former Batista supporters, anti-Castro Cubans, and Cuban refugees who fled their homeland and were living in South Florida.  Donald Edward Browder told the HSCA, "During the pre-Castro years, the CIA and Customs would not oppos gun shipments to Castro.  After Castro turned Communist, the CIA and Customs encouraged shipments to anti-Castro Forces.  People were beginning to fear that Castro was, as many had suspected, a communist and should be removed.  
                     On March 11, 1959, Dallas FBI agent Charles Flynn wrote, "on the basis of preliminary contacts and information developed to date, I recommend the captioned individual Jack Ruby, for informant development." Flynn further wrote, "PCI(Potential Criminal Informant) advised he was willing to assist the Bureau by supplying criminal information, on a confidential basis, which comes to his attention.  On November 6th, 1959, Flynn wrote, "contacts(with Ruby) have been negative to date, it is felt that further attempts to develop this man would be fruitless."  On March 15th, 1959, Ruby telephone and met with CIA connected arms dealer Thomas Eli Davis III in Beaumont, TX.  A year later in June, 1958, Davis received a sentence of five years of probation for robbing a bank.  While on probation, Davis worked for the Agency training anti-Castro units in Florida.  Soon, Ruby and Davis were supplying arms and munitions to Anti-Castro Cubans.  Again without fear of arrest.  You see, Ruby did not support Castro.  Ruby supported the CIA.  
Special Note:  When JFK was assassinated, Davis was in jail in Algiers for running munitions to a terrorist outfit who was planning the assassination of French President Charles DeGaulle.  Davis was released from jail through intervention of the CIA's foreign agent code-named "QJ/WIN," who was identified by the top-secret CIA Inspector General's Report as the "principle asset" in the Agency's assassination program known as ZR/RIFLE.  After Ruby's arrest for killing Oswald, his defense attorney(Tom Howard) questioned Ruby if he could think of anything else that might damage his defense.  Ruby stated there would be a problem if a man by the name of "Davis" should come up.  Davis was later identified as Thomas Eli Davis III, the CIA connected gun runner & soldier of fortune.  In 1963, the Moraccan National Security Police informed the U.S. State Department that Davis was arrested for an attempted sale of firearms to a minor.  When Davis was searched, the police found a letter in his handwriting which referred in passing to Oswald and to the Kennedy assassinations.  Ruby told Howard that he had been involved with Davis, who was a CIA gunrunner, entangled in anti-Castro efforts and that he(Jack) had intended to begin a regular arms running business with Davis.  Ruby warned his attorney of the connection, and feared that if it were to be revealed by either an investigative reporter or a witness, it would blow open the CIA's role in JFK's assassination.  The HSCA, under Robert Blakey, was intent on covering up any CIA connection or arms dealing with Ruby and failed to investigate the Ruby/Davis connection.  They explained, in typical government prose, "Due to limitations of time & resources... it was not possible to confirm these allegations."
                    Fidel Castro flew to Washington D.C. to meet with Vice President Richard Nixon in April of 1959.  Afterwards, Nixon wrote a confidential memorandum to the CIA, the State Department, and to the White House, expressing his concerns that Castro was leaning towards being a Communist.  Soon after, the CIA began organizing and training anti-Castro groups in Florida, while Ruby & Davis helped to supply the new rebels with arms and munitions.  
                    Castro flew to Houston after leaving Washington, D.C.  and met with Robert McKeown at the airport.  There was even a photograph on the front page of the Houston Chronicle.  Castro asked McKeown to return to Cuba, and he would give him a high post in his government, an industrial business to run, or whatever he wanted.  McKeown politely responded, telling Castro that because of his probation, he could not leave the United States.  Castro rebuted, stating the U.S. Authorities would never bother him in Cuba and told him not to worry.  McKeown declined his offer and Castro returned to Havana.  
                    McKeown, because of his close friendship with Castro, made many people ask him for help regarding affairs in Cuba.  On one occassion, McKeown's brother asked him to contact Castro and attempt to obtain the release of 3 friends who were being detained because they were caught fishing in Cuban Waters.  McKeown personally telephone and spoke with Castro and the men were quickly released.  On another occassion, Jack Porter, campaign manager for Eisenhower, contacted McKeown about approaching Castro for other reasons.  
                    In early 1959, Ruby inquired about the possible sales to Cuba of surplus jeeps located in Shreveport, Louisiana and asked about the possible release of prisoners from a Cuban prison.  The jeeps, the prisoners, and Ruby's visit to Cuba in August, 1959, all suggest that his activities were sponsored and directed by others.  Prior to visiting Cuba, Ruby asked McKeown to write a personal letter of introduction to Castro so that he could talk with Castro about releasing some unnamed friends that were being detained in Havana.  McKeown also said that Ruby had a whole lot of jeeps he wanted to get to Castro.  Also in 1959, Cuban travel records show that Jack Ruby entered Cuba from New Orleans on August 8th, Left on September 13th.  But bank records, Dallas police records, and FBI records all show that Ruby was in Dallas on August 10, 21, 31, & September 4th.  Someone was helping Ruby to get into and out of Cuba without going through Cuban customs and immigration.  In 1959, Ruby did not travel to Cuba for Pleasure.  It is also important to note, Mafia Don Santo Trafficante, also participated in the CIA's attempts to oust Fidel Castro.  He appeared before the HSCA and was questioned by chief counsel Richard Sprague.  Not one single question was about Trafficante's mob connections.   Instead, he focused on either Jack Ruby or the CIA.  To each of his questions he answered, pursuant to my constitutional rights under the 1st, 4th, 5th, & 14th ammendments I respectfully refuse to answer the question.  Because of Sprague's focus on the CIA , he was forced to resign as chief counsel and replaced by none other than Robert Blakey, who managed through selective testimony and questioning to shift blame for the assassination of President Kennedy to the Mafia.  Blakey worked very hard to sell to the public the "Mob Responsibility Factor" in the Kennedy Assassination.  Most of the evidence and witness testimony presented to the HSCA pointed to individuals at the highest level of the CIA as the principal planners of the assassination, but Blakey cleverly and deceptively ignored the obvious and blamed the Mafia.  
                    Jack Ruby was involved in a plan to sell British Enfield rifles bought from Mexico and sell them to anti-Castro Forces in Florida in or around 1961.  The Warren Commission was told about the arms running from MExico to Cuba and returning with Cuban refugess to Florida by Nancy Perrin Rich.  During the decade leading up to Kennedy's assassination, there is an enormous amount of data proving the CIA, FBI, & U.S. Customs were well aware of the actions of one Jack Rubenstein and his arms dealing operations.  A written response was requested from the CIA for any and all information on Jack Ruby, aka Jack Rubenstein by The Warren Commission.  The official CIA response to the request was as follows, "Examination of CIA records failed to produce any information on Jack Ruby or his activities."  The CIA provided no information concerning his actual name, Jack Rubenstein.  
                    Meet the infamous Marita Lorenz, a native to Germany who had an affair with Fidel Castro in 1959 & in January of 1960.  She was involved in an assassination attempt controlled by the CIA on Castro.  In the 70s & 80s, she testified on the John F. Kennedy assassination, where she explained she was involved with a group of anti-Cuban militants, Frank Sturgis & E. Howard Hunt of the CIA, & watergate shortly before the assassination.  
                    In late 1960, she was in Miami at a CIA safehouse with members of her group & she met Lee Harvey Oswald for the very 1st time.  She stated, that later she would see Lee in the training camps located in the Everglades in 60 & again in 61 as well along with Frank Sturgis & Alex Rorke, but this was the first time she actually met him, the "Bay of Pigs" operation would occur sometime within the next year. There are photographs to prove these affiliations. Their 2nd meeting in the safe house in Miami would occur in 1961, prior to the "Bay of Pigs".  She claimed, she did not see Oswald prior to their introduction at the safe house in 1960, but had regular contact with Frank Sturgis & Alex Rorke, after their meeting she had regular contact with Oswald up until the "Bay of Pigs" in April 1961.  All pictures associated were taken by Alex Rorke himself.  Now, between the "Bay of Pigs" of 1961 & 1963, she had no contact with Oswald, but was in regular communication with the 2 CIA operatives Frank Sturgis & Alex Rorke.  She saw Oswald again in the Miami Safehouse again in 1963, the year of Kennedy's Assassination.  The circumstantial evidence here is conflicting with official reports documented by the U.S. Government stating Oswald did not return from the Soviet Union until June of 1962.  Marita Lorenz adimantly claims she has given a true testimony.  Someone continually covered Oswald's tracks.  It was almost as if Oswald's life & identity was being marked for use of something of great importance all the way back to 1958. It's almost as if we have 2 Oswalds.  The Communist in Russia, & the other is a CIA agent or asset of some nature.  

Please make note, CIA operative Alex Rorke had taken photos of  Lee Oswald in Florda(circa. 1960-61), while  Harvey Oswald was in the Soviet Union.  Rorke Rorke perished in a plane crash in Mexico in May 1964.  Others that died in the crash were Hugh Ward, DeLessups Morrison(former Mayor of New Orleans), his son of 7 years old Christopher, Daleigh Pellegrin & Ovide Cenac.

                    When reviewing these 2 pictures side by side, one can't help but notice the similarities.  But, one can't also help but notice the differences.  These were 2 different human beings, that looked very much alike.  Harvey Oswald in Russia(The Patsy) has a little fatter, rounder face.  Lee Oswald(The CIA operative), had a narrower, slimmer face with a triangular shape.  The differences are subtle, but are obviously there.  Even their eyebrows are similar.  Though these pictures are in black & white, you can still tell color contrasts by tone.  Lee's hair is darker than Harvey's hair.  Even though our hair changes every 7 years, Lee's hair is not as thick as Harvey's hair.  There were 2 different Oswalds.  Maybe every CIA agent has a double in the event they need an out.  Makes you wonder.  This is the spy game we are talking about.
                    Monroe County Sheriff Thompson in Key West, Florida recalled in the spring of 1961, that Lee Harvey Oswald fueled up his boat in Key West shortly after the Bay of Pigs invasion.  Oswald did not have the funds to pay for the fuel & called someone in Dallas, Texas.  Within a couple of hours, a man showed up named Ruben and paid for the boat fuel.  The attendant on duty at the Sands Marine Fueling Station at Stock Island, Key West Florida, was William Huffman.  Huffman acknowledged that Oswald did not have the money to fuel the boat.  He also had 5 Cuban passengers with him.  Huffman stated that even though the man named Ruben paid for the fuel, Oswald still signed the fuel receipt.  Huffman stated to the FBI, "I told him I wanted his autograph in case he should become famous at some later date."  William Huffman was a former FBI informant, whose identification code was "MM892-C."  Huffman reported Oswald's visit to Homer A. Newman, a supervisor of the FBI's Miami Office on November 25th, 1963.  This was also ignored by the FBI because of Oswald being on record as living in the Soviet Union from 1960-62.  Keep this in mind, 1961 was the first known association of Lee Oswald & Jack Ruby(Not Harvey, because he was in the Soviet Union.)                     In 1962, a 20 year veteran of the Air Force, Leander D'Avy, was working in New Orleans at the Court of Two Sisters.  A man approached D'Avy asking for a "Clay Bertrand," and he was sent to speak with Gene Davis, the night manager.  Davis told the woman at the bar, that the young man had just came from the Soviet Union.  D'Avy recognized the man as Lee Harvey Oswald following Kennedy's Assassination.  Two months later a car drove up in front of the Court & D'Avy told the man he could not park there.  One of the people riding in the car, referred to the driver as "Jack."  Following the assassination, D'avy recognized this man as Jack Ruby.  Something else to keep in mind, Harvey Oswald, his Russian wife Marina and their baby June, lived in the Dallas area the entire year of 1962.  It was Lee Oswald whom D'avy saw with Jack Ruby in New Orleans.  

The Witnesses of Jack Ruby(Rubenstein) & Lee Oswald

  • Ruby's girlfriend, Dorothy Marcum in 1963, had an aunt who was working for Ruby.  Lee Oswald was employeed by Ruby from June-July and they both definately of close association, stated Dorothy.  
  • Francis Irene Hise was in an interview for a waitress position by Jack Ruby, when a young Oswald entered the Carousel Club.  Ruby acknowleded the young man by saying "Hi, Ozzie".  After her hiring as a waitress, she served regularly "Ozzie," who she recognized as Lee Oswald after the assassination of Kennedy.
  • Clyde Malcolm Limbough, who was another employee of Ruby's for nearly 3 years, saw Lee in Ruby's office more than a few times.
  • Pixie Lynn, otherwise known as Helen Kay Smith, worked at the Carousel also, noted Ruby & Lee's close affiliation.
  • Other employees saw them together in meetings as well.  The list is honestly too long to list.
  • Ruby's auto mechanic also stated Lee would drop off Ruby's car and he would take Lee back to Ruby's establishment.
  • Towards the end of July in 1963, Marshall HIcks, Western Union Employee, delivered several telegrams to Lee Oswald at the Rotary Apartments in Dallas while Harvey & Marina were living in New Orleans.  The FBI never once attempted to collect these telegrams.  I think it is quite funny how when Harvey lived in Dallas with his Russian wife & baby, Lee lived in New Orleans.  Then Harvey and his family moves to New Orleans, and Lee moves to Dallas.  
  • C.I.D. Detective H.M. Hart received information from a Dallas Police informant in September of 1963, Jack Ruby rented an apartment for one Lee Oswald on South Ewing St.  
  • Even a Journalist Dorothy Kilgallen wrote in the New York Journal American in June of 1964, "It is known that 10 persons have signed sworn depositions to the Warren Commission that they knew Oswald & Ruby to have been acquainted."
  • A stripper at Jack's establishment named Karen Carlin stated she was under the impression that Lee Oswald & Jack Ruby and several others that she did not know, were involved in a plot to assassinate the president, and she would've been killed had she informed the authorities.  She later died of a gunshot wound in 1964 in Houston, TX.
  • Louisiana Governor Candidate Clyde Johnson, during the 1st weeks of September, was living temporarily in the Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans.  Someone called Johnson, introducing himself as Alton Bernard, and at which point asked to meet with him.  Bernard, accompanied by a young man named Leon, came to Johnson's hotel room.  10 minutes later, a 3rd fellow showed up and was introduced as Jack.  At which point Bernard opened a briefcase with several large brown envelopes.  An envelope was given to Johnson, Jack, & Leon.  The contents of Johnson's envelope was $5,000 cash money, to be applied to his governor's campaign.  After Kennedy's Assassination, Johnson identified Leon as Lee Oswald & Jack as Jack Ruby.  Years later Johnson identified a photograph of Clay Shaw as the man who he knew as Alton Bernard whom he had met at the Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans.  Johson was scheduled to testify at Clay Shaw's trial in New Orleans, but was badly beaten and unable to appear.  A short time after, he was murdered by a shotgun wound.  
  • In early September Antonio Veciana watched his long-time CIA associate contact Maurice Bishop talking with Lee Oswald at the Southland Building in Dallas, a few blocks from Jack Ruby's Carousel Club Establishment.  Maurice Bishop was later identified by the HSCA as David Atlee Phillips-Extreme High Level CIA Agent that worked out of the Mexico Station who became the Chief of Western Hemisphere for the CIA.  Maurice Phillps was a close associate of Gordon McLendon, the owner of Dallas radio station KLIF.  Mclendon was formerly a Naval Intelligence Officer at Pearl Harbor in WWII and founded the Association of Former Intelligence Officers(CIA Alumni Club).  McLendon was also a close associate of one Jack Ruby.  
                    The HSCA requested files from the CIA on McLendon were handled by Donald Gregg, assistant to George Bush, former CIA Director and President of the United States.  Why would a high level agent such as Maurice Phillips meet with Lee Oswald in Dallas?  The name "Bishop" even appeared in Ruby's notebook with the phone number RI 87991.  Intelligence sources told news reporter Vic Walter that Veciana was probably the closest living link to the Kennedy Assassination.  Their meeting Links the CIA's David Atlee Phillips with Lee Oswald.  
                    On Labor Day weekend in 1963, Harvey Oswald & family, went to the Murrets in New Orleans.  Over in Kemah, TX, over 300 miles away, Robert McKeown watched as 2 men arrived at his home.  One of the men introduced himself as Lee Oswald & claimed he wanted to buy some arms.  At the time, Robert McKeown as still on probation for selling arms & refused to sell anything to Oswald.  The men left, but then returned a few minutes later and asked again to buy the arms.  Robert McKeown again refused.  was this an attempt to Link the name  Lee Harvey Oswald to Cuba?  This meeting the 1st of several used to link the name with plausible reason for the President's Future Assassination.  This meeting was actually just within a few days of the meeting between Lee Oswald and David Atlee Phillips just down from Ruby's establishment in Dallas.  In the summer of '63, prior to the Kennedy Assassination, the Harvey Oswald family were living in New Orleans, & Jack Ruby & Lee Oswald were seen together frequently in Dallas.  In order to create the illusion of a Communist Lee Harvey Oswald, Lee appeared in many places creating the impression as a supporter of Castro, owning an Italian carbine rifle, carried the rifle in a 4.5 ft long box wrapped in brown paper he claimed housed curtain rods.  He would also frequently talk about Kennedy's trip to Dallas in public and would soon receive a large sum of money.  The stage was being said for Lee Oswald to exit stage left, and Lee Harvey Oswald to be left holding the bag front and center as a lone gunman, former Russian speaking defector to the Soviet Union with a russian Wife who recently handed out Castro Propoganda in New Orleans.  Prior to the assassination, these staged events were set up one after the other in Dallas.  1. From September 26th to the 1st of October, Lee Harvey Oswald supposedly took a bus to Mexico City and visited the Cuban Embassy.  Later it was revealed that this was a complete fabrication produced by the CIA to link Oswald to Cuba. 2.  On the 4th of October, Lee & Ruby were having a staged conversation at Ruby's establishment within an earshot of Dallas Attorney Carroll Jarnagin.  He overheard Lee tell Ruby he had just gotten in from New Orleans, and they were discussing the assassination of then Governor John Connally.  After the Assassination, the Dallas Attorney wrote a letter to the FBI detailing the conversation.  3. October 14th, Harvey Oswald is interviewed by Texas Employment Commission Counselor Laura Kittrell who states he had just arrived from New Orleans and was looking for work.  She set him up to take the GATB tests and  the following Wednesday on October 16th, he begins working in the Texas Book Depository.  4.  On October 17th, A man closely resembling Harvey appeared at Kittrell's desk and stated that the claims office had sent him back to her.  He stated he had just joined the Union the night before, and he needed his primary code changed.  Kittrell later testified that she thought it was Harvey at first, but then realized this was not the man who took the GATB tests at the previous interview.  This man did not want to work full-time, instead he wanted to draw unemployment.  As Lee was being interviewed by Kittrell, Harvey was working full time at the Book Depository.  5.  On October 6th, Lee Oswald was at the Sports Drome Rifle Range shooting his rifle, while Harvey Oswald has a clear aliby, and was at their friend(Ruth Paine)'s house with his his family.  6. 3 weeks prior to the assassination, Narrator at the Carousel Club(Jack Ruby's Establishment in Dallas) Wally Weston was on stage.  A young man, later identified as Lee Harvey Oswald, jumped on stage and said, "I think you're a communist."  Ruby grabbed the man and yelled, "I told you never to come here!" & then threw him out of the club.  Harvey Oswald was stil l at Ruth Paine's house with his family.  6. Several public appearances trying to buy munitions in Dallas, Paying cash for a car, Looking for gun parts with several witnesses to these appearances spotted the man as Lee Harvey Oswald after the assassination.  The whole time Harvey Oswald was at Ruth Paine's House.  7. On November 14th at 12:40pm, Jack Ruby walked into the New Port Motel in Morgan City, Louisiana.  He asked Corinne Veges Villard(the clerk) if he could speak with Pete Guarisco.  She explained to him that Pete was at a Rotary Club Meeting.  As they began to talk, a young man walked up and sat at a nearby table.  Ruby and Villard talked for about 1/2 an hour about his business in Dallas, and said that he was trying to charter a plane out of Patterson, Louisiana.  At 1:10PM, Ruby walked out of the door while the young man walked out of the side door.  Both men got in the same vehicle.  When shown a picture of Lee Harvey Oswald, she was sure this was the man who sat at the table and left with Ruby a week earlier.  Harvey had been employed at the Book Depository and never left Dallas during this time.  8. On November 17th at the Shooting Range, Lee Oswald shot the target of Garland Slack's who was in the next booth.  After leaving the range, he drove to Jack's Bar in Dallas.  There he met Vern Davis and began talking about the President's upcoming trip to Dallas and specifically mention the Trade Mart.  Jack Ruby, known by Davis for years, entered the bar and said hello to Davis.  8. On November 20th, Ralph Yates picked up a hitch hiker with a 4.5 ft box that he claimed had curtain rods in it.  The man asked Yates if he thought a man could be shot from a window in a tall building.  The man then showed Yates a picture of a man holding a rifle and asked Yates if he thought the President could be shot with an identical rifle.  He then asked Yates if he knew the President's Parade Route.  He then asked Yates to drop him off at the corner of Elm St. & Houston St. which is the location of the Texas Book Depository.  Harvey Oswald was working at the Depository all day.  Clock in & Clock out Records as well as several key witness state Harvey never left the building.  The night before the assassination on November 21st at 9pm, a young man knocked on the apartment door of Unit 206 at 223. S Ewing St. which was occupied by an SMU Professor.  Helen McIntosh(a friend of the professors) answered the door.  The young man asked for Jack.  She explained that Jack lives next door.  Helen saw a photo of Lee Harvey Oswald after the assassination and recognized him as the young man from the night before.  After work, Harvey Oswald rode with Wesley Frazier to Ruth Paine's house in Irving Texas where he spent the evening.  The day of the assassination, November 22nd, Lee Oswald was on the 6th floor of the Texas Book Depository attracting attention from the people on the street so they would know a description of the assassin, while Oswald was in the lunchroom.  After the shooting, 4 witnessess saw Lee get into a Nash Rambler Station Wagon and leave Dealey Plaza, while Harvey Oswald left Dealey Plaza by bus and then taxi.  

The Aftermath of the Assassination November 22, 1963

                    A Group Manager of the Internal Revenue Service, Dallas Intelligence Division, Arlen Fuhlendorf, told the FBI that Jack Ruby had contacted one of his informants that morning, and asked if he would like to watch the fireworks.  
                     A man was noticed standing on the corner of Elm & Houston by Victoria Adams, a Depository Employee, a few minutes after the assassination whom she thought was Jack Ruby.  Seen by 3 co-workers, saw Ruby walking down the street near the Depository.  When Harvey Oswald came out of the building, they saw Ruby give him a pistol.  The 3 women knew Oswald, and were acquainted with Jack Ruby.  This was all explained to the FBI on November 30th.  The weapon had a defective firing pin and wouldn't fire.  When Harvey was being arrested, he pulled the gun and fired on a police officer, but the gun did not fire.  I'm sure the plan was for Harvey to be shot to complete the conspiracy, but now Ruby was faced with a problem.  Harvey was still alive & could talk & link Ruby & the CIA to the Kennedy Assassination.  Within hours of Harvey's arrest, Ruby begins stalking him waiting for a good time to shoot him.  
                    There is so much controversy over the next 2 days, I'm not going to list it.  There are however detailed transcriptions as to Ruby's appearances and such listed on the internet.  He impersonated several people to attend a news conference.  It looked as though, since the plan fell through of Harvey being killed by police, he was ordered to do it himself.  It also looks as if he tried every way he could to get out of his assignment.  At 3:00AM before Ruby shot Harvey, Dallas Police Officer Billy Grammar received a phone call from a familiar voice who did not identify himself.  He warned that Oswald would be killed if the police did not transfer him in secret.  Grammar was at home the next morning when he witnessed Jack Ruby kill Harvey Oswald.  Grammar gave a sworn affidavit to the Dallas Police in which he identified the Ruby as the man who called the police station at 3:00AM.  Grammar was never asked to testify before the Warren Commission.  

C.I.A. Agent
E. Howard Hunt

                    A leader of the failed "Bay of Pigs" Invasion of Cuba in the 1961, he was known for his hard core conservative politics.  He was completely and utterly disappointed, maybe even bitter, towards President Kennedy's lack of support for the Bay of Pigs Operation.  He felt as though Kennedy himself had committed treason by not following through.  
                    E. Howard Hunt's son, Saint John Hunt, has appeared on my television shows & radio programs, claiming his father made a death bed confession to his involvement in the Kennedy Assassination.  There are even links on youtube dedicated to this very thing.  His son believes his father was in on the assassination.  Even though, Hunt made the confession on his deathbed, it will not be known until the CIA releases the last 6 files that it holds, still labelled with a top secret clearance.  The 6 files contain 332 pages of material on Hunt, so states the JFK Database in the National Archives.  
                    Hunt served as chief of the Domestic Contacts Division of the CIA in Washington D.C. in 1963.  He was very close with David Atlee Phillips, who orchestrated the visit to Mexico by Lee Oswald, yet was not questioned by The Warren Commission.  
                    All of these allegations could not be proven unless the CIA released the last remaining top secret documents surrounding the JFK Assassination.  What is known about hunt, everyone knows about and was very well documented with the public eye.  Have you ever heard of WATERGATE?  Hunt was the ring-leader.  He was the guy that was running the team that broke into the Democratic Party office in the Watergate Hotel.  Yes that's him.  This occurred in 1972.  He & his team were paid for what they did directly from President Richard Nixon and his aides.  To try to dodge the law, Hunt tried blackmailing the CIA by threatening to go public with what he worded as "numerous highly illegal conspiracies" that he had been involved in.  Later on in his life, he conversed with his son and dropped very cryptic lines here and there about a possible CIA involvement in the Kennedy Assassination.  Another person  I have mentioned several times here is Frank Sturgis.  Yes he was involved in Watergate too.  He was a part of Hunt's Team.  Hunt & Sturgis plead guilty on a long and distinguished list of charges in January of 1973 over the Watergate Scandal.  As a matter of fact, Sturgis was arrested on the 6th floor of the Watergate Hotel at the Democratic Headquarters.  I mean, talk about caught red handed.  Finally charged, Sturgis was arrested for Attempted Burglary, and attempted interception of phone conversations(I.E. Bugs).  Sturgis was also one of the people in Miami that had been exiled from Cuba.  Maybe the idea of the whole movie "Scareface" came from this Sturgis.  He was highly involved with that various operations relating to Cuba, and were organized and financed by the C.I.A..  
                    Hunt, was one of the "plumbers" and a former White House aid during the Watergate Scandal.  With the establishment of the Rockefeller Commission in 1974, which was created to invstigate the domestic operations of the C.I.A., Hunt and Sturgis were already being considered suspects in the Kennedy Assassination.  It was later reported in the Commissions Conclusions that allegedly Sturgis & Hunt were agents of the CIA, and were in Dallas that day.  Not only that, they were noticed sitting in a boxcar behind the grassy knoll.  Wait it gets better, they were actually taken into custody following the assassination, but mysteriously released after being booked in the Dallas County Sheriff's office.  What?  Wait, don't get too excited.  Their Findings covered their asses big time!  The funny thing is, Hunt actually testified that he had never met Sturgis until introduced by Bernard Barker in 1972 in Miami.  I'm calling Bullshit.  Sturgis' real last name is Fiorini and took the name Sturgis from a book wrote by E. Howard Hunt which had a fictional character named Hank Sturgis.  The book was wrote in 1949.  Oh yea, Hunt claimed he was in Washington D.C. during the assassination of Kennedy and Fiorini was in Miami.  Then tell me who these men were.  To the far left was a Hobo that was arrested by the Dallas County Sheriff's Dept and so was the one on the far right.  the 2 in the middle are Hunt & Sturgis.  You be the judge:

Frank Angelo Fiorino(Sturgis)

Norfolk, VA



Contract Agent
Last Known Op
Bay of Pigs
CIA Control Officer
Sam Jenis(sanjenis)


Frank Sturgis
Frank Angelo Fiorini
Frank Anthony Sturgis
Frank  A  Sturgis
Frank Bonnelli
Frank Campbell
                    Mostly known for his role in the Watergate Scandal, he was one of the burglars who was arrested in the act of raiding the Democratic Headquarters in the Watergate Hotel & subsequently taken down with President Richard Nixon.  He served in several branches of the military, as well as being a contract agent for the CIA in his latter years of his career.  He assisted Fidel Castro in his overthrow of General Batista in Cuba, as well as aided the anti-Castro forces during the Bay of Pigs.  Sounds like a conflict of interest doesn't it.  Actually I don't think anyone knew Castro was going to turn Communist sooo....  this kind of explains the duality of the matter.  
                    As if the Watergate Scandal wouldn't be enough, there were also allegations of Fiorino's involvement in the JFK Assassination.  He also made the allegations, that there were others involved in the assassination of President Kennedy as well.  A picture surfaced called the "3 Tramps".  One of these men is believed to be Fiorino.  

The 3 Tramps 

                    Do you remember earlier, I stated that 3 hobos who were found in a boxcar behind the grassyknoll were lead off by police and arrested only to be mysteriously released and never heard from again?  These are the 3 Tramps being led off by the police.  These photos were compiled by Richard E. Sprague in 1966 & 67 and subsequently turned over to the Lawyer Jim Garrison(The district attorney during The Warren Commission).  2 of the men were Watergate Burglars Hunt & Sturgis(Fiorino), the 3rd is none other than Mafia Hitman Charles Harrelson(father to Woody Harrelson).  Believe it or not.  You get professionals to do a professional job.  December 31, 1968, on an episode of the Tonight Show in front of a live audience, Jim Garrison holds up the photos of the 3 tramps, and makes the allegations that they were involved in the assassination.  In 1974, assassination researchers Michael Canfield & Alan Weberman name the 2 Watergate Burglars as being 2 of the tramps.  In 1975, a Mr. Dick Gregory(Civil Rights Activist), obtains the photos from the researchers and holds a national press conference that receives an unsurmountable amount of attention.  The Rockefeller Commission was called the following year in 1975.
                    The Rockefeller Commission concluded that although the men beared a remarkeable resemblance to the Watergate Burglars, the 3 tramps possessed no identification to link them together.  How convenient.  They also got an FBI Photoanalyst to state that the men did not recognize any resemblance beyond that of a regular joe and could not be linked to anyone.  Even the House Select Committee on Assassinations concluded the forensic anthropologists had again analyzed the photographs and none of them resembled Hunt & Sturgis.  In 1992, a female journalist, Mary La Fontaine, found the November 22, 1963 arrest reports stating the 3 men were taken off of a boxcar in the railroad yard right after Kennedy was shot, detained as "investigative prisoners", described as unemployed & homeless passing through Dallas, then released 96 hours later.  
                    The year is 1976.  Fiorino begins to make his own allegations about the Kennedy Assassination(Didn't they all-it's called mis-direction).  He claimed that he was assigned the task to investigate and seek out any possible role that the Cuban exiles may have played in the Kennedy Assassination.  He later claimed that Jack Ruby met up with Fidel Castro in Havana, 10 weeks prior, to discuss the removal of Kennedy in order to stop the threat of invasion from the United States.  Sturgis also claimed that others were at that meeting as well.  The others included Ramiro Valdes, Raul Castro, & Che Guevara, & a female Russian KGB Agent.  He also claimed this was not Ruby's 1st meeting in Havana to discuss these actions.  All the way back to a few months prior to the assassination, Jack Ruby had made several trips to Havana to arrange arms deals to trade with illegal drugs to sell back into the United States.  He also stated Lee Harvey Oswald was very much a part of the conspiracy, but not only that, so were other branches of Government.  He also stated that his investigation showed no sign of Cuban Exile Involvement.  
                    Marita Lorenz, In September of 1977, told Paul Meskil of the New York Daily News, that she met Lee Harvey Oswald in the fall of 1963 at an Operation 40 safe house in the Little Havana District of Miami.  She stated she met him again prior to the Kennedy Assassinationin 1963 in a safehouse in Orlondo Bosch, with Sturgis, Pedro Luis Diaz Lanz, and two other traveling to Dallas in two cars and carrying "rifles & scopes", but flew flew back to Miami the day after they arrived.  In response to her allegations, Sturgis said he did not recall ever meeting Oswald and reiterated his previous denials of being involved in a conspiracy to kill Kennedy.  Sturgis was arrested in Marina's apartment on October 31st, 1977, after Marina explained to the police that Sturgis threatened to kill her if she did not change her testimony to federal investigators.  He later stated in an interview that he thought Communist Agent were pressuring her into making the accusations against him.  
                    In Roger Stone's book wrote in 2014, called "Nixon's Secrets," Sturgis was also involved in a failed CIA plot to assassinate President Richard Nixon as well.  He claimed that the CIA in conjunction with the Joint Chief's of Staff, were moving to assassinate Richard Nixon because they wanted to remain in Vietnam while Nixon was looking to withdraw all the troops from that region.  He claimed CIA Assassin Edwin Kaiser was supplying the weapons for the assassination, & Sturgis pulled out when he found out the target was Nixon rather than a Soviet Agent.  He claimed that after 2 failed assassination attempts on Nixon, the CIA staged and took advantage of the Watergate Scandal to remove him from Office.  Prior to the book's release, Stone stated that the source of his information for his book was Howard Liebengood(Minority Council to the Senate Watergate Committee in the 1970s.  
                     Sturgis died of cancer a week after he was admitted to a veterans hospital in Miami, 5 days before his 69th birthday.  Doctors diagnosed him with lung cancer that had spread through all the way to his Kidneys.  

Heading 3

Charles Harrelson
The Previously Un-Named 3rd tramp found with Hunt & Fiorino(Sturgis)

Father of:
Woody Harellson
Freelance Career Hitman

                    Meet the 3rd tramp who was arrested with Hunt & Sturgis.  You know his son well from movies like "Natural Born Killers", the recently released movie series "The Hunger Games."  Well, what you may or may not have known is, Woody Harelson's father was a notorious contract killer for the Mafia.  You won't find this information in any Washington or Huffington Post, and certainly not in any issue of the New York Times.  
                    Some of his notorious hits included a grain deailer from Hearne, TX , Sam Degalia Jr. in 1968 & U.S. District Judge John H.  Wood in 1979.  Harrelson was convicted on the 1979 murder of Judge Wood, but Ironically stated, "out of all the murders I've committed, this one I did not do.  He always maintained a clean reputation for getting the job done, and was highly respected for keeping the identity of his clients anonymous.  
                     Now keep this in mind as well.  While being tried for the murder of Degalia, He admitted he did not do this either.  The first trial ended in a hung jury.  The prosecuting attorney who also represented James Earl Ray in the Martin Luther King Jr. Assassination produced a surprise witness at the last minute who claimed to have been with Harrelson the night before the murder.  A Texas Ranger, Jack Dean, THE LEAD INVESTIGATOR IN THE DEGALIA MURDER, had the surprise witness brought up on purjory charges.  Prior to the trial, she fled the country to Aruba.
                     Ok, let's recap for a moment.  You have a prosecuting district attorney, Percy Foreman, who had already had James Earl Ray convicted, producing a surprise witness at the last minute to state she had been with Harrelson the night before Degalia's murder.  She also stated that Harrelson was talking about the assassination and this is what lead to his conviction.  This is a man who was notorious for keeping the "secrets" of his work.  THEN, the investigating Texas Ranger, Jack Dean, brings the surprise witness up on purjory charges.  Hmmm...  Ok, I'd say Jack Dean is only interested in truth at this point and I like him.  Now keep in mind, none of this exonerates Harrelson.  He's still a bad dude.  Ok... What this shows is the attempt to commit a conspiracy by one group, and the attempt to move a key player in events to come away from the spotlight.  Harrelson was good at what he did, and it's hard to find good talent I would imagine.  He was later sentenced to 15 years, & only served 5 years for good behavior.  I'd say he had friends.  

Harrelson & the JFK Assassination

                    One thing that Harrelson did do that the others did not is, he regurly and openly admitted this his involvement in the JFK Assassination.  Now keep this in mind.  My Theory of opposites: "Anything that is presented as truth, Usually 90% of the time, it's the total opposite that is true."  This is my theory on every conspiracy.  This has helped me read between the lines more or less and avoid mis-direction.  So that being said, Harrelson's attendance to the Assassination could've been mis-direction to take the sites off of CIA Black OPS & focus on the Mafia.  Remember he was freelance.  He would work for the highest bidder.  
                    Woody Harrelson has worked regularly with Movie Producer Oliver Stone, one in particular as a psychopathic murderer in "Natural Born Killers."  Oliver Stone also produced the movie "JFK."  I would've loved to be in on the conversations between Woody & Oliver prior to the making of JFK.  I would say a lot of the information in the JFK movie was real and passed through them to be included in the movie.  
                    There is also good supporting evidence that Harrelson had ties to Cuban Exiles who were engaged in drug & arms smuggling in Florida before & after the assassination, so the puzzle pieces are there. 

Visiting a Black Ops Definition: Compartmentalization

Official Psychology Definition from Wikipedia:
An unconscious psychological defense mechanism used to avoid cognitive dissonance, or the mental discomfort and anxiety caused by a person's having conflicting values, cognitions, emotions, beliefs, etc. within themselves.
Government Black Ops Definition:
to separate teams into isolated sections or categories to prevent them from gaining knowledge of the entire program  network which is controlled at a
higher level to prevent an emotional or moral response from the lower isolated team members
Lower Involved Team Members who are unaware of the entire program network
Sometime ago, a blogger, only going by the name of "James" stated this:
"I have no doubts that the JFK assassination was orchestrated with the use of cutouts(cutouts are individuals involved,
but do not know the big picture) to recruit small operating cells.  People who circulate in the proffessional killing business
are fully aware of the dangers...  These people have to be handled from the time they are recruited for the job, to the time
they are tucked safely away.  To even be considered for something like the Kennedy Hit, you would have had to possess a
solid track record, reliability in a crisis, and the ability to keep your mouth shut no matter what.  These professionals were
tried & tested operators known to the cutouts and known to the plotters."
Lyndon Despised Him
The night before the assassination, he stated to his mistress Madeleine Duncan Brown, "After tomorrow, those G-damn Kennedys will never embarass me again.  That's not a threat.  That's a promise!"
Sworn in on Air Force 1
Shortly after being sworn in as President, Johnson stops the United States Note & Reinstates the Federal Reserve Act
The "Wink" at Texas Congressman Albert Thomas
Lyndon Johnson from Stonewall, TX
Born: August 27, 1908 Died:January 22, 1973
36th President of the United States of America
The assassination involved several groups based from Texas including "Big Oil," which Johnson was a part of, not to mention Texas was his territory
LBJ Motive & Opportunity:
                    Lyndon had his own personal hitman named Malcolm "Mac" Wallace.  Mac's name was found on a box on the 6th floor of the Texas School Book Depository.  It's the only hard core evidence that shows someone elses name on the floor at the time of the assassination other than Lee Harvey Oswald.  When Richard Nixon was asked about the assassination, Nixon replied the following:
"The Warren Commission was the greatest hoax ever perpetrated."  Though he never came out and said who assassinated Kennedy,
he would say this, "Both I & Johnson wanted to be president, the only difference is I am not willing to kill for it."
                    Richard Stone, GOP Politician, stated in his book, "The Man Who Killed Kennedy", he had 1st hand conversations with various political statesmen from Ambassador John Davis Lodge, who was brother to Henry Cabot Lodge, Ambassador to Vietnam during the Kennedy Administration; Attorney General John Mitchell; Tony Salerno, the Genovese crime family Don in New York; Carlos Marcello, New Orleans Mafia Don, who all conspired with the CIA & LBJ.
                    Here is some of the evidence showcased by Richard Stone:
  • Dallas was Lyndon Johnson's Politically Held Territory
  • Local Dallas Media & the Local & County Police Departments Were Under His Control
  • D.H. Byrd, close friend to Johnson, owned the Texas Book Depository Building
  • "Mac" Wallace, Johnson's personal hitman was seen on the 6th floor of the building and his calling card was left while 75 seconds after the Assassination, Oswald was in the 2nd Floor Lunchroom
  • Oswald was never seen on the 6th floor, but seen other places by several witness' and a Dallas Police Officer in the 2nd Floor Lunchroom drinking a soft drink with absolutely no knowledge of the Assassination
  • Johnson's Vice-Presidential Team dictated the route of the motorcade instead of the Secret Service as insisted by Texas Governor John Conally-This created a conflict between Kennedy & Johnson.  Johnson wanted one of his rivals to ride with Kennedy, Senator Ralph Yarborough.  Kennedy insisted Conally, who was a pro Johnson supporter,  ride with him  instead.  As you know Conally was shot, but survived.  Had Yarborough rode with Kennedy, Johnson could've killed 2 birds with 1 stone.
  • Prior to the 1st shot being fired, Lyndon Johnson was already on the floor in his car
  • Immediately after the Assassination, Johnson spreads the rumor that the Soviet Government Shot Kennedy
  • Prior to the Assassination, Johnson is linked to 88 other murders
  • His hatred for the Kennedy's was vast, going back to 1937 and FDR's "new deal" reforms
  • JFK was working hard to remove Johnson's name from the Vice-Presidential ticket
  • Johnson had high connections in Dallas in virtually every field of opportunity needed to complete the assassination
  • Other groups willing to participate due to their disliking of Kennedy Policy: CIA & FBI(Bay of Pigs & Cuban Missile Crisis), Mafia(Due to John & Robert's attempt to rid the U.S. of organized crime), Hard Core Republicans & Big Oil etc...
  • The Warren Commission Attendees were hand picked by Johnson himself

George H. W. Bush
Born: June 12, 1924

41st President of the United States of America
January 20, 1989-January 20, 1993
43rd Vice-President of the United States
January 20, 1981-January 20, 1989
Director of the Council on Foreign Relations
Chairman of the Executive Committee First Int'l Bank in Houston, TX
Director of the Central Intelligence Agency
Chief of the U.S. Liason Office in the People's Republic of China
Chairman of the Republican National Committee
Ambassador to the United Nations
7th District of Texas, House of Representatives

                    At the time of Kennedy's Assassination, George Herbert Walker Bush was the State Representative for the 7th District in Texas, & he was in Dallas, TX on that fateful day.  Despite his claims that he was not there that day, there is documented evidence that states the opposite.  Even though he was not appointed Director of the CIA until 1976, there is also documented proof that he was closely affiliated with the CIA as well during this time.  
                    In his new book "Who Really Killed Kennedy", Jerome Corsi shows the possibility of the very 1st victim of the up coming "New World Order" which was overseen by Allen Dulles & George Herbert Walker Bush, both of whom sat in the seat of the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency.
This excerpt below is from a World Net Daily Exclusive about Corsi's book Published on 9/17/2013:
"The New World Order view pursued as U.S. foreign policy by Allen Dulles &
his brother John Foster Dulles, as secretary of state under Eisenhower,  Corsi
writes, envisioned employing U.S. military action to preserve U.S. business
interests, whether or not it was truly in U.S. National Security Interests."
J Edgar Hoover, from his F.B.I. office issued a memo on November 29th, stated that one day after the assassination, "some misguided anti-Castro group might capitalize on the present situation and undertake an unauthorized raid against Cuba, believing that the assassination of President Kennedy might herald a change in U.S. Policy, which is not true."  In the last paragraph, Hoover stated that Mr. George Bush of the CIA provided the backstory contained in the report.  What was Bush's affiliation with the CIA during this time if he had no contact with the "company" until he became director in 1977?  WND reported the following: The day before the assassination, November 21, 1963, FBI Special Agent Graham Kitchel wrote a memo about a telephone conversation that George H. W. Bush called in a warning about the assassination, where he stated a student, James Parrott,  at the University of Texas, had been talking of assassinating John F. Kennedy when the president came to Houston.  In the 1st paragraph, it reads the following:
"At 1:45 p.m. Mr. GEORGE H. W. BUSH, President of the Zapata Off-Shore Drilling Company, Houston, Texas, residence 5525 Briar, Houston, telephonically furnished this following information to writer by long distance telephone call from Tyler, Texas."
                    If you are wondering, Tyler, Texas is about 100 miles east of Dallas off of I-20.  It takes less than 2 hours to drive 100 miles, even in 1963.  Graham also noted, that in the telephone conversation, Bush stated that he was going to be at the Sheraton-Dallas Hotel in Dallas on the day of the assassination.  Some people researching these turn of events claim that the Dallas Morning News Claimed Bush would be at the Hotel in Dallas on Thursday night, Nov. 21st, while the Kitchel Memo suggests Bush would be at the hotel on the night of the assassination, has given Bush an alibi.  
                    Everytime George H. W. Bush is asked where he was when John F. Kennedy was Assassinated, he always stated one of two things, either I have no recolloction of that day, or "somewhere in Texas."  
                    Finally the links of Bush and the Assassination:
  • May or May not have worked for the CIA as early as 1961
  • His oil company ZAPPATA OIL was named after a communist Mexican Revolutionary 
  • The CIA code name for "The Bay of Pigs" was ZAPPATA
  • Colonel Fletcher Prouty, the man responsible for securing 2 Navy ships for the Cuban invasion in "The Bay of Pgs", the 2 ships were repainted to non- U.S. Navy Colors, and renamed "HOUSTON" & "BARBARA."
  • VERY COINCIDENTAL, He was married to BARBARA & Living in HOUSTON, and was President of ZAPPATA Oil when "The Bay of Pigs" was going on.  
  • George de Mohrenschildt, a rich Russian Oil Tycoon living in Texas when Lee Harvey Oswald moved there after his trip to the Soviet Union.  De Mohrenschildt was a long-time CIA agent and was possibly Oswald's controller.  He and his wife were described to the Warren Commission as the 2 most friendliest to Oswald before the assassination.  He was also the one who moved Oswald to Dallas.  After the House Select Committee on Assassinations started to meet in the late 70s, a new doctor moved into Mohrenschildts home town, whom he started to see on a regular basis and he started becoming very violently mentally ill.  His wife tried and tried to get him to stop seeing him.  The doctor then moved away and to this day can not be contacted or found.  The day the Committee tried to contact Mohrenschildt, he was found dead of a gunshot wound.  Both Mohrenschildt's and Oswald's address book contained George H. W. Bush, President of Zapata Offshore Oil in them, with the name (Poppy) beside it.  The same name that George W. Bush calls his father, which I think is a control mechanism.  Ever seen the movie Conspiracy Theory?  or the Manchurian Candidate?  The use of control mechanisms with mind control is laid out very carefully in them.  Watch them.