The History of Eugenics, From the U.S. to the S.S. to the N.W.O.

In The Beginning...

The most known case of eugenics in our world of course is with Adolf Hitler and his quest to start his "Master Race" of Aryans.  What is not known is where the idea came from in the first place.  The thoughts behind his master race was outlined right here in our very own backyard in the United States.  It was cultivated in the land of fruits and nuts California.  Not very many know, but we had and may still have a very unique eugenics plan right here in our country.
Also known by "Ethnic Cleansing", Eugenics is the pseudoscience of doing away with the "unfit" so that the fittists can rise, maintain, & evolve.  It's as simple as that.  It's Darwinism to the Extreme.  Instead of allowing nature to determine who the most fit to survive is & allowing the unfit to fade to history, Euginics takes a more "programming" role for lack of better terms, to speed up the process.
Many aspects of eugenics were even made into national policy by forced sterilization and segregation laws.  There were even laws restricting marriage in 27 states in the United States if you were determined as Unfit.  
The year was 1909 & California began adopting these laws into their state legislature.  As a result, 65, 000 Americans were sterilized, Segregated some half a million into specific colonies based on psychological, health, race, & deformity issues as well as kept some few thousand from having legal marriage rights.  Prior to World War II, half of these practices were carried out in California, and afterwards(yes I said afterwards-after hitler) 1/3 of all eugenics related surgeries were also enacted there.
California was the central hub for all cases concerning Eugenics.  California was it's breeding ground.  Now not to pick on California, because I love California to be honest.  I love the geography, the people, & the architecture as well.  It's a radio rich environment, the one of which I loved to travel through the most because of it's musical diversity.  But, it still does not change the fact that all of this stuff was influenced, arranged, & propogated through it's political infrastructure.  From 1900-1920, The leading eugenicist scientists were located in California, such as Army Venereal Disease Specialist Dr. Paul Popenoe, Paul Gosney who was the financial backer of Polytechnics & had a large interest in the citrus industry, Charles M. Goethe a banker from Sacramento, as well as members from the University of California Board of Regents & California State Board of Charities & Corrections.
Monetary Funding came from big corporate type financiers such as Corporate Philanthropy, The Carnegie Institution, The Rockefeller Foundation, & the Harriman Railroad Diversity.  These financial Institutions were all working towards a more "fit" society and had some of the most revered scientists in their hip pockets from the most prestigious Ivy League Universities such as Stanford, Princeton, Harvard, & yes Yale.  
President of Stanford University, David Starr Jordan, in his published writing, "Blood of a Nation, 1902", stated, traits such as ambition, thought, perception, talent, poverty or wealth, were all genetic traits past along through heredity.  You see, when influential people who are in place because their father was a self made millionaire and could afford to educate their children through private institutions instead of public institutions, You produce the "silver spoon effect" in which children are born to these people who never had to work for anything in their lives.  They are born with this certain knowledge of their social importance.  They have 0 street sense but a lot of book sense.  This is a dangerous combination.  Have you ever worked for a major corporation, and the C.E.O. begins to tell the line managers how to run their business down to a timing level?  Same thing.  It doesn't work because the C.E.O. is a Corporate Executive Officer.  He has been educated to deal at a much higher level than the line manager and is very good at what he does, but would have absolutely no knowledge on the mechanisms of the line.  Understand?  It works in the same way for the Line Manager.  You put him in the position of C.E.O. and he would be lost.  There is a reason for that.  Keep this in mind.
 A Laboratory Complex was built on Long Island at Cold Spring Harbor which kept dossiers on over a million American Citizens, that were targetted for eugenics purposes.  From this laboratory,  eugenics scientists would plot, plan & insert into legislature eugenics ideas for social services & welfare use.  Harriman, Rockefeller, & Carnegie Institutions allocated funds to be donated to charities such as the New York Bureau of Industries & Immigration, to seek out Jewish Italian, & other immigrant nationalities in New York & other large metropolis' and forced sterilization, deportation & confinement to colonies to reduce the flow and slow population growth.  What Population Control?  They also funded the German SS Eugenics Program as well as the eugenics program operated by none other than unholy man Josef Mengele prior to his deployment to Auschwitz.  
1924, published novel by Adolf Hitler Mein Kampf, Hitler quoted American egenics ideology & portrayed a terrifying knowledge base of American Eugenics.  
"There is today one state, in which at least weak beginnings toward a better conception of immigration are noticeable.  
Of course, it is not our model German Republic, but the United States."
                                                                                                                                                                         -Adolf Hitler
Hitler had absolutely 0 discretion when detailing his admiration for American Eugenics.  He even wrote a letter to the author of "The Passing of the Great Race" eugenicist scientist Madison Grant, telling him his book was his bible.
"I have studied with great interest the laws of several American states concerning prevention of reproduction by people
whose progeny would, in all probability, be of no value or be injurious to the racial stock."
                                                                                                                                                                         -Adolf Hitler
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Phase II
Eugenics Scientific Field Testing
Rise of the Nazi SS & Hitler & Their Deportation Methodology
Mind Control & Manipulation of a Government Hierarchy 
To Commence Field Testing

The Death Camp March

Mind Control of the German Heirarchy

Auschwitz-Birkenau, Destination Death to any Jew who had been held in captivity after the implementation of the Nazi's "Final Solution."  10, 000 souls lost per day in it's gas chambers.  Operating as the last step in a series of field studies, It was orchestrated and financed by the
Rockefeller-Rudin Apparatus, "The Worldwide Eugenics Federation."   Laws granting these atrocities were signed into effect in 1933, described as American Model Law, & Signed by Adolf Hitler.  
The Creation, Manipulation, & Destruction of Adolf Hitler is not a very popular topic, but indeed it is a topic of conversation.  In July 1929, there was a secret meeting between The President of J.P.Morgan's Guarantee Trust, The Presidents of the Federal Reserve Bank, J. Rockefeller, and a prominent individual from Royal Dutch Shell.  Sydney Warburg was tapped to initiate and finance Hitler to overthrow the state.  The only stipulation is he must adopt an aggressive foreign policy.  There were 5 meetings with Hitler between 1929-1933, and $25 million transferred.  
Below I've included a conclusion made by Mr. Jeff Rense, the owner of  This will save time because this is not our focus.  It is one little point which I believe he nails right on the head.  Understand what he is trying to say.  He's not condoning Hitler.  He's explaining how Hitler was manipulated.  World War 2 was a project.  Field Testing for various ideologies and technology that were either in planning stages, or had already had the necessary lab work made.  The next step was to field test their theories.  It maps out just like a science experiment if you were to use the Scientific Method to determine a conclusion.  Think about it.

A Conclusion Made by Jeff Rense According to His Research

            He who controls the past, also controls the future: who controls the present controls the past."               -George Orwell    
The winners write history.  Our view of Hitler and the 2nd World War is largely a Jewish view.  I am only beginning this research and will happily admit my errors.  These are my tentative conclusions:
  • ​While I utterly reject Hitler's racist ideology & atrocities, he may have represented the last serious resistance to the Illuminist agenda.
  • Paradoxically Hitler was created & manipulated by the bankers he railed against.  He lost the war because he didn't appreciate their larger agenda.  Naively he failed to recognize that they controlled England & the United States.  It's as if he didn't believe his own propoganda.
  • Blinded by racist zeal, he made a fatal blunder(from his point of view) of not neutralizing England by seizing the Middle Eastern oil fields.  He made another fatal error by not promising to liberate the Russian people from oppression.  Nazi brutality turned the Slavs into implacable fighters.  But for his demented racist ideology and consequent barbarism, Hitler might have done some good.  Many Germans and even some German Jews supported him.  Instead he was another pawn in the Illuminati's diabolical game.
  • There is only one task: Germanization through the introduction of Germans [to the area] and to treat the original inhabitants like Indians. I intend to stay this course with ice-cold determination. I feel myself to be the executor of the will of History. What people think of me at present is all of no consequence. Never have I heard a German who has bread to eat express concern that the ground where the grain was grown had to be conquered by the sword. We eat Canadian wheat and never think of the Indians."
    Get it? Hitler intended to give 'Injun treatment' to tens and tens of millions of Slavic people living on the Western side of Ural Mountains.
    (Note - This nazi plan envisioned the expulsion of the Slavs to the East of the Urals in the yet to be conquered Soviet Union. Recent earlier examples of ethnic cleansing in the 18th and 19th centuries
    were not so 'enlightened' and included mass genocide by the British and Amercans. Instead of expelling the indigenous peoples of North America, the Brits and Americans engaged in enormous military slaughter and biological warfare to kill most of them off. In fact, the use of smallpox-infected blankets as 'gifts' to the Indians is considered the first major tactical use of biological weapons on masses of humanity. In all, estimates of the numbers of North Americans annihilated by the British and Americans range from 15-20 million. Yet another holocaust in man's sorry book of history. -ed)

Phase III

What a wonderful fiction to have thought & believed that Eugenics died out with the Nazis, but it didn't.  As a matter of fact, it worsened in fact.  Involuntary Sterilization was continued through prominent and influential people in a desperate manner.  Thanks to people like Margaret Sanger & Clarence Gamble and of course many others, North Carolina became the new Breeding Ground for modern eugenics of the time, no pun intended.  
Look at America post WWII.  We had the baby boom, the establishment of the modern day family unit relying on 1 job to support the family while the mother stayed home and took care of the children.  Prior to WWII, people had children to work their little 30-40 acre farms, or help run the cotton gins. Remember, slavery was outlawed in the late 1800s so the workers had to come from somewhere.  Thanks to the modernization & mechanization which happened during WWII, Machines & Women took over most of the work because the men were fighting Germany & Japan.  The war itself set the stage back home.  
All varieties and flavors of human beings were in support of the new eugenics movement.  It was sold in the version of birth control, segregation, & other social mechanisms that had been implemented.  What the financiers of the world were trying to produce in Europe was all too easy.  It was like their minds had been opened to a ballroom of opportunity.  One just simply needed to apply the right pressure to the right person, and boom out came a new idea about how to reduce the population, or to prevent the growth of it.  Of course it was sold to each ethnic group in different ways, but they all bought it.  It became public policy operating not only in the public, but also private sector.  You have Organizations such as Planned Parenthood who are performing Abortions in an office setting or back alley depending on convenience & selling the body parts of the fetus'.  To this day, there is a non-profit organization in North Carolina that is offering drug addicts money to be sterilized if they so chose.   Instead of trying to repair the human, they are sterilizing them so they can't reproduce.  
Billboards across the country, are advertising micro-surgical vasectomy & the femail version, the implant contreceptive.  Yes I said implant.  
During the civil rights movement, It was more than just equality at stake.  Blacks, Native Americans, Italians, Irishmen, you name it, if you were poor, you were probably on a list to be involuntarily sterilized.  Everything that was used for a reason to defeat Hitler & the SS later was being used right here in America & many portions are still being used to this day.  Honestly, after what I've read and what I've learned, I don't think Hitler was all that special.  Had Hitler actually been shot in World War I, they would've found another sucker to do exactly what he did.  Hell, Heinrich Himmler would've probably been choice #2, either him or Martin Boerhman.  Hell they were all alike.  They were all manipulated by the same people.  I would dare say that the financiers of Hitler wouldn't do anything without a back up plan and I dare say they probably had 20.  Because they had the money, they had the means, & they had the need.  It wasn't about trying to kill the Jews.  This isn't about trying to Decrease the Negro or Native American Populations.  They just happen to hold the highest majority during the time.  It was about ridding the world of lesser people.  Did you hear me?  PEOPLE.  One day, whites will be killed by other whites because they are lesser.  They are a lower class.  This is what it's all about.  Getting rid of the lower class.  This is why Communism was so popular back in the day.  The right of the worker! yeah?  That's because the workers were all poor.  It kept a difinitive boundary between the workers and the elitests within the Communist Party.  No one had privacy.  Everyone was out in the open.  Their thoughts, Their vices, & Their dreams.  
Did you ever wonder why we never went after Stalin following World War II?  Because the Soviet Union was needed.  The enemy is an essential part of any controlling mechanism.  Because it keeps the subjects in a state of fear.  They would've never launched a nuclear attack on us are you crazy?  But the fear kept the people in line.  Controlling the people.  Keeping the people in a constant state of obedience.  So they can sterilize them.  Reduce their numbers.  
Ok, let's recap what we've learned.  At the turn of the century, a wealthy bunch of hipocritical philosophers start medling with eugenics and population control mechanisms.  These same people who represent a large number of philanthropic trust funds start financing Germany's War Machine & manipulate Hitler to do what he did, so they could test their theories on a mass of people and see the outcome.  Hitler outlived his usefullness, they had their data, so they pulled the plug on his funding and the rest is history.  World Government is created through the UN and while this is going on in the public eye, behind closed doors, experiments are taking place world wide on sterilization techniques funded by non other the same trusts which are also financing defense interests through The Military Industrial Complex. Hmmmm... OK.   When will they collide? Right about now.
Politics today is based not on reality, but the perception of what reality can be created to an individual.  This in essence is mind control.  If you can alter a persons perception of what he believes he is seeing, you are altering his reality.  I'm sure in an MKULTRA text book, one might find the equation, "Perception=Reality".  This would be an operational standard.  Understand?  Reality is not real.  Only the Perception of Reality is real.  
Are you aware of the chief ingredient in Prozac?  Would you believe me if I told you it was Flouride?  About a year ago, I started using Flouride-Free Toothpaste.  I drink only from a water filter and the water I put in the filter, I boiled for 20 minutes.  My Water containes 0 Flouride.  Discovered by I.G. Farben,  the people who bring you BAYER Aspirin, and who did most of the chemical experiments for the Nazis and produced all their Chemicals.  Josef Mengele was a big customer, discovered Flouride while processing Aluminum.  Flouride is a byproduct of the process.  With all the fuss & going on in Germany during World War II, they discovered that people were calmer when they drank water with Flouride added, as well as took away their will.  

Operation Mockingbird
Brought to you by:
The C.I.A.

Mind Control, Brainwashing,
Perceived Reality

 A secret campaign instituted in the 1050s to influence the media, and initially organized by none other than Mr. Allen Dulles & Cord Meyer and later led by Mr. Frank Wisner after Allen Dulles took over as C.I.A. Director.  They recruited the leading journalists at the time to spread their spins of current events, and even funded a good majority of networks as well as student and cultural organizations & Magazines as fronts for the secretive insertion of perception.  In it's developing years, it's hands also reached foreign news affiliates, media & political campaigns.  
You see now, even your favorite evening world news reports are spun by the government.  There is no "i" they haven't dotted or "t" they haven't crossed to alter your perception.  Everything from Drugs to Media, "they" own it all.  Now on to some lighter stuff.  Have you ever heard of LSD?
Before the peace loving hippies of the world got ahold of LSD, the U.S. Government was testing in secret, it's effects on hundreds of unknowing American civilians & military personnel.  From 1953-1964 at the height of all this chaos, MKULTRA(group of operation paperclip scientists working within the confines of the C.I.A.), was testing the drugs.  Remember the paperclip scientists?  The ones that worked with the SS in Nazi Germany?  Now they're working for the C.I.A. You think this is coincidental after reading all the involved people from 1909 to 1964?  I don't think so.  
MKULTRA would use Hookers to deposit the LSD into the drinks or food of unsuspecting people who were tapped for various reasons to be used in undisclosed testing various narcotics agents.  This became so out of hand, that a U.S. Marshal, not knowing he was under the influence, held up at gunpoint, a San Francisco bar while he was on acid.  The C.I.A. believed the Communists were using LSD to brainwash captured American Servicemen.  So they needed trial testing so they say.  Keep in mind, those same individuals that controlled Eugenics in America, Controlled all the other worlds Population, Mind & Media Control Mechanisms.  It was just more field testing.  
People that used LSD and more so the Habitual users of LSD, believed they were expanding their minds.  Taking an unpaved road towards the sky of limitless possibilities.  Truthfully, they only dampen brain activity.  They make you stupid.  Did you hear me?  They make you DUMB & NUMB from prolonged exposure.

OK, I could go on and on, but as to not stray from the subject too much, I'm going to save the rest of the story.  I do not want to take away from the other pages because this is all intertwined as I said in the beginning.  Just pay attention.  Your life depends on it.