Books by the researcher Jim Marrs

You will not find a more complete list of non-traditional information within this researchers books.  I highly recommend them.  Jim has helped me through a lot of tough times.  He gives you the knowledge that will push you to no ends.   You will learn that there is not a good enough reason for you to not better yourself.  It is your duty to better yourself.  And he provides the reasons.

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Books by Richard C. Hoagland

One of the best books I've ever read was co-authored by Mr. Richard C. Hoagland.  He is a wonderful author and a wonderful ancient alien theorist.  Unlike today's Ancient Alien Theorists, Richard maintains only what he can back up by data he finds within the realms of NASA.  Richard was the science advisor to Walter Cronkite during the Apollo Moon Missions, and is currently the science adviser to the nationally sindicated radio show
Coast to Coast A.M. with George Noory.

Books by Edward T. Haslam

Originally from Kansas, Ed Haslam spent the better part of 35 years living in New Orleans during the 60's.  Most of the stuff in his books are personal first hand accounts from people he knows or knew at the time.  He is very acredited and has a distinguished reputation.  You will learn who you are dealing with from his books.