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  1. Evolution or Revolution
    Evolution or Revolution
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    Stepping Stones For your Dreams
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    Warp Speed Mr. Sulu!
Morgan Alex Muir-Human & Pacsifist
                    What we have here is a failure to communicate.  Have you ever heard of such?  I'm sure you've all heard it in the movie "Cool Hand Luke."  The current political establishment has become
dis-illussioned from the nature of reality.  
                     As stated numerous times on this website, what we perceive as reality is not real reality, but a made up one.  What really is the truth?  Truth as perceived by the eye of the beholder can be many things.  What we have to do, is disregard anyone's public speeches.  Disregard what they say and disregard  what they put down on paper.  We should begin holding people accountable for their actions and actions only.  I'm sure you've heard the saying, "Actions Speak 1,000 words."
                    We are not any accredited academic alumnists from Yale or Havard.  We're just middle class Americans who are concerned with the direction of our children's future.  What kind of world will we be leaving for them to raise their children in, if any world will be left.  
                    Every politically elected office from your city, state, and federal benches, are a hoax.  They are vile and reaping with payback terms which are conditional upon their won political seat.  They become slaves to the established lobbyists which put them there.  Spokesmen for money is what I like to call them.  
                    Where are you going to be when politics will no longer be sufficient enough to warrant your children with an education suitable for a middle class family?  Where are you going to be when the system fails?  If my calculations are correct, we're just about there.  We are already seeing a conflict emerge between those loyal to the I.M.F. & those loyal to the B.R.I.C.S. World Banks.  It's not about Arab, Jew, Christian views my friends.  It's about whose money has the right to rule.  Truth be known, both international banks are probably funded by the same source.  Both sides of every conflict since the French Revolution has been funded by both sides.  Why doesn't this make even more sense now?  Keep on your guard.  Ask questions.  I am here if needed.  Any of my contributors would be more than happy to answer questions as well.  Thank you.
                                                                      -Morgan Alex Muir